1. Cruise Ship

... I told him, "Yeah, I just finished dictating my journeys and there's some stuff in there that I forgot about (chuckle)."
"It's a good thing I record this stuff."
He goes, "Yep, you always want to record it."

I told him, "I was a little bit concerned about quitting my job."
"So, I must need to do a.. well.. continue doing journys and figure this thing out."
He says, "Yeah, there's no rush. It's your life."
"But you have heard other people talk about when they totally let go of the ego, everything just opens up."
"And the same will happen with you."

I ask him, "Does he have any ideas on journeys I should do today?"
He says, "Well how about you just explore yourself?"
I say, "Lets go to the dark room and see what comes up."
He says, "I'll finish my tea here. You can go in."
I say, "Alright."

I go onto the dark room.
So a door opens up, and ... walks in.
I say, "Hi ..., have a seat. We haven't spoken much."
"We're here to talk about you."
I say, "Ok."

So I'm doing this journey on myself.
Are you gonna lead me in another direction?
She says, "Well you were wondering about this girl you're gonna meet."
I say, "Yeah."
I was asking about, ".. where we were ... the last time."
She says, "But we can, we'll get you in to do that."

So, do I wait for a vision or something?
She says, "Yes."

So I have this vision we're looking over the side of a boat.
Like a cruise ship railing.
On the right side, the starboard side.
And we're talking.

The Moon's glowing, reflecting off of the water.
So, I'll listen to see what we're talking about.
We're talking about journeys.
I'll listen in and see what else comes up.

So why did we get on this boat?
She says, "It's a singles cruise and we just happened to meet up."
I say, "It's going to the Bahamas, right?"
She says, "Yep."

We walk down the bow, we're holding hands.
I look into her face, I see Abbey. (of course ;)
Well, this is nice dream.

I say, "I'd rather not just put our chances on just meeting on a boat."
"I'd rather just talk to her .. and do that."
She says, "Well, that'd be another way of doing it."
"Leaves less up to chance," I say.

So it's dark again.

I'm riding a bicycle down a street.
Park in front of a store and go in.
(laughing, three times)
So I look at the cashier and it's Abbey.
Come on, what's up with this?

Why is Abbey a cashier in a store?
"Did you used to be a cashier, Abbey?"
She goes, "Yep."

And that's, that one.


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