2. Archangel Michael

Disclaimer: Do not contact Archangel Michael on matters of love, he is the Archangel of Protection. Talk to his wife Archangel Athena on matters of the heart.


First, I'm gonna talk to Archangle Michael.
And ask for his guidance on whether...
What will happen when I quit my job will it be the [abundance] I believe it's gonna be?
He says, "Well, go right ahead."

I ask to communicate with Archangel Michael to get more information on how my life will be when I quit my job.

I'd like to do healing work, journey work.
I'll wait for a vision.

So, an angel appears in the upper corner of the room and says, "Hey, follow me."
So I follow him.

We're flying through the dark.
I'm a light illumiated body, so is he.
We're sitting on a park bench now.

He says, "How do you think I can help you with this decision?"
I say, "Well, .."

Ok, so he turns into love and I feel more love in myself
and in my work, if I quit and do energy work full time.

And if I stay at my job, it kinda boring.

He says, "I concure with that observation."
"I'll add a little bit more to that."
"Just think of how many more people you could help."
"If you did it full time."

"Right now, this past weekend, you've had full days"
"just doing spritual work."

I say, "Yeah, I guess from working a job, it'll take"
"out a lot of time from that."

I say, "Do you have a vision or something of my life"
"something special that'll happen. Or will be important"
"to me if I quit my job?"

He shows me travelling, sitting on beaches.

Well I say, "Well, I gotta ask you then."
"Is Abbey in there anywhere."

He says, "Yeah, she's in there."
"Would it break your heart, if I said she wasn't."

I said, "No, she has her own life to live."
"But I think she is special."

He says, "Well, why don't you talk to ..."

I say, "Ok, I'm gonna get a drink of water before I do that."

(breathing, to get back in the vision)
So, I'm back in the park.
With Archangel Michael, hanging out.

You do get tired in these things.


So I say, "So I've been doing some journey work on myself and with Archangel Michael here trying to see how special my life would be if I quit my job and did energy work."
"Versus, staying at my job."

"..and Abbey keeps popping into my visions all the time, so .. (laugh)"
"I though you guys would be a good set of people to talk to"
"and so did Michael."

"So, is there something, ah, an event or something great that happens"
"to me if I choose to do energy work all the time."
"And I believe it has something to do with Abbey because I'm always"
"thinking about her."

(there's a pause)

"Is there a connection or anything between us?"

They say, "Yes, .. we're just trying to figure out which is the best."
"There's a lot of good things that happen."

I say, "Well that sounds good."

"So I got a picture of us getting married, ... is that... is that"
"What you wanted to show me?"

They say, "Well, that's a good one isn't it?"
I say, "Well, yeah."

"Are you gonna show this to Abbey?"

They say, "Do you want us to?"
I say, "Sure."

Tell her, "It's Jason Monds..."
"I've been doing journeys ever since, and have been learning a lot."
"and a.."
"tell her she's always popping up into my journeys for some reason."
"She's a special girl."

They say, "Ok, I'll tell her that."
I say, "Thank you."

Archangel Michael says, "There's nothing like the direct route, eh?"
I say, "Yeah."

"I was gonna talk to Neptune next."
He says, "It doesn't hurt to get another point of view."

I say, "Thank you, Michael."
Archangel Michael says, "It's ok. Michael's fine."

He vanishes.


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