3. Neptune

I'm going to talk to Neptune, which has a very high frequency, about me quitting my job and is there a vision that would show me it's the right decision.

I'd like to get a vision or, some communication about..
I'm leaning towards quitting my job, is there a vision,
a situtation or something that If I saw it, it would say,
"Quitting my job is the best thing ever."

"Like something that wouldn't happen if it stayed at my job."

Just going away here.

So I got this message from Abbey saying, "I think you're special too."
While she's smiling.
I say, "So that's good."

forgot to talk to Neptune.

"Actually, you're special too is pretty darn good."

So Neptune.

Neptune asks me to come out and visit him, I guess, as a planet.

So I go out there.
I'm walking on Neptune.

I'm just kinda a big person...
That's standing on the planet right now.


So Neptune says, "So you'd like a vision of great things"
"that are going to happen when you quit your job?"

"I say, yeah, one that I have never seen on any of these journeys today."

Wait, "I see Abbey giving me a hug."
"I hug her back, of course!"
"She says, I'd like to meet you."

I tell her, "Well, I'd like to meet you too."
"Can't stop thinking about you, so, um,"
"We'll try it in the etheral realm, first."
She says, "Ok, I'll be waiting."

So Abbey says, "I'll be waiting.." for a journey with her, I guess.

So Neptune, "Was that what you wanted to show me?"
He says, "No, not really. That was just Abbey who wanted to talk to you."

I tell Abbey, "Yeah, I'm contemplating quitting my job here."
"And I was asking Neptune for a vision that would help me make my decision."
"I'm leaning towards quitting it."
"Cause.. ah"
"It looks like all these great things happen in my life."

"If I quit my job, I ah.. could be meeting you."
"If I stay at work, nothing special really happens."

Abbey says, "Am I in your, ah, keeping your job vision?"
I said, "No."

She says, "Is that worth quitting your job over?"
I said, "Yes"
I said, "Well no kidding."

"I don't want to let her go." (Am I still hugging her? ;)
I tell her, "I'll do a journey with you later."

"I'm gonna talk to Neptune."
She says, "Ok, I'll be around."

So Neptune, "Can you top that vision for why I should quit my job?"
Neptune says, "That's a pretty tall one to beat!"

He's just thinking about a vision.
That is pretty hard to beat.
He says, "I'll try to get you something here, just hang on."

So I stare out into space and this big, white, picture appears
like a movie screen. Like a drive-in.

Lets see, what does it say?
What does it show me?


I say, "Aren't those my visions and affirmations I say when I meditate."
Neptune say, "Yeah, they come true."


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