4. Quit My Job

If I say at work, it's pretty uneventful journey.
He says, "Yeah, there's not much action happening there."
I say, "Well, lets see what happens when I quit my job"
He says, "That sounds like a plan."

I wait for a vision.

There is a vision of me speaking at a podium.
There is a banner for World Peace behind me.
There is a bunch of people.

Let's hear what I'm saying:
... You have the power within you to bring about World Peace.
... Let's just choose to make a world of peace.

And it fades away.

I'm riding on a bicycle again.
That's an environmently friendly way to travel.
Going down a paved road, sparsely populated.
Saying hello to people.

I stop by this little house and I go in.
Looks like I'm staying there.
I say to the owners, "Hi, How's it going?"
They say, "Welcome, back. How was your trip?"


I'm lying, waiting for another image.

Looks like a rally.
I'm at a podium.
The crowd is chanting...

I say, "Do I have a house around here?"
They say, "You still have your house, but you travel a lot."
I let my newfews stay in it.

I ask the audience, "So where is my wife?"
They say, "Abbey? She's doing her own thing."
"You go back to visit."

This life seem pretty perfect.
The audience says, "Yeah. Yes, it is."

I ask they, "So what do I have to do to get here?"
They all say, "Quit your job!"

The scene changes.

Petting the dogs and cats, sitting at the table.
I say, "That was pretty powerful. Looks like I do some good."
He says, "If you just quit your job."
I say, "Looks like it."

Is there another image that I can just...

I'm sitting on a couch with Abbey.
She likes watching movies, so I'm watching a movie.
She's lying her head on me.
I say, "Abbey, are you happy I quit my job?"
She says, "Yeah, otherwise we never would have met."
I say, "Where did we meet?"
She says, "At a conference. We were both speakers."

I'm just relaxing in the situation, watching the movie.
I'm not really watching the movie, just enjoying the moment.
I say, "Abbey, how would your life have been if we didn't meet?"
She says, "You have a big heart, I would have never seen that."
I say, "I'm at peace too you know."
I kiss her on the forehead.

The scene changes.

I say, "Looks like the choice is obvious, but tough..."
He says, "Give it a week."
I say, "The sooner the better."


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