5. First Date with Abbey

I'm going to talk to Abbey.

So, I'm just going to sit under my meditation tree here.
I'm nervous.
I'm gonna sit under my meditation tree here.
Still nervous, oh well.

Something's going to happen, it's going to be good.

She appears by my meditation tree.
I say, "Hi Abbey, It's Jason."
She says, "I know who you are."
"You're the one that keeps thinking about me.
I say, "Yeah, that's me."
"Should I take you on a tour of my cottage?"
She says, "Sure."

So the dogs are outside playing.
Abbey, pets the dogs.

I take Abbey's hand and take her to the violet flower garden.
I say, "These are my healing flowers."
"I put them in my healing room, so that it fills the air with healing."
"With nice, violet light and healing."
She says, "Well that's a good idea."

I say, "Do you have any questions for me?"
She says, "Why do you keep thinking about me?"
I say, "Well that's pretty direct, but, ah, that's a good question."

"I ah.."
"You make me happy whenever I see you."
"You, ah, made me sad when you said you thought about suicide."
"I never would have been able to meet you."
"You have a wonderful smile."
"And, ah, I like seeing it."
She says, "Well, ah, thank you."

Holding her hand, I'm taking her into the cottage.
Into my healing room.

I say, "Here are the cats."
"Here is the healing bed and the flowers."
"I put people in it surrounded by a bubble of healing, violet light,"
"so when they breath it in it'll heal what they need."
She says, "I like it."

I bring her out the kitchen.
"This is where I have tea."
"Through my journeys, I've been doing them non-stop since that first journey..."
"And it looks like tea happens a lot, much like you in my journeys."
"And, ah, .. yep, you and tea. That's all I need."
She laughs.

"Why don't we go to a place that you like."
She says, "I like it here, but where I go. How about ..."
"Hmm. Sounds like a plan!"

So we're sitting.
And I tell Abbey, "You know, through all my visions."
"You're always showing up."
"Were you a cashier?"
She says, "Yeah, I was a cashier."
"Yeah, I had a vision you were."
"Thought, why am I seeing you as a cashier?"
"That's fine, but yeah.. umm"

"So, I've been making, been journeys specifically about whether I should quit my job."
"If I stay with my job, I kinda get a boring cushy life and I marry someone named Sally."
"But if I quit my job and do energy healing work and journeys,"
"We end up meeting at a .., well in this vision anyway that I had,"
"we ended up meeting at a panel, a convention, and we hooked.."
"Not hooked up, but ..."
"We got to talking and the rest is history and we got married."
I say, "What do you think about that?"
She says, "I think it's awesome."


So I tell Abbey, "So you did that piece on patience."
"And ah, when you said I love you.. real slowly."
"It just.. touched me, like nothing else."
"I haven't heard someone say that to me."
"And I needed to hear it."

She gives me a hug, "It's ok."
I say, "Thanks."

"So, in journeys of my quitting my job.
"Like, I'm doing these conventions."

"You still have your house, I guess I still have mine."
"we travel and do our thing."

"We sit and watch movies."
"I'm just happy to hold you."

She says, "You must think I'm special."
I say, "Well I do."

"Do you have other people having, talking to you like this?"
She says, "No, you're the first."

I say, "Is there anything you'd like to tell me about yourself?"
"You probably already know enough about me, but"
"I've had a hard life and everything opened up when I quit my job too."
"It's scary, but it's the proper thing to do."

"It's very relaxing."
She says, "Yeah, that's why I come here."

I say, "So.." (laughing)
"So can I call you again?" (laughing)
"It's not like you can give me your wrong phone number."
She laughs.

She says, "Yeah, you can call me again."

I say, "Thanks."
She says, "Cheer up, you'll do a lot of good."

We stand up, I give her a hug.
I say, "Thanks, you know I love you too."
She says, "Yeah, I figured."


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