Journeying into the esoteric world of Richard Lakin-Inzunza

I chatted to one of the most interesting and visually striking Moseley characters; about his fantastic artwork and visions of the creation of the Universe.

Despite his most vividly assailing Native American roots, Richard Lakin-Inzunza was born in nearby Nottingham, to a mother who is Mexican, of Yaqui Indian and Basque descent and a father from Scunthorpe. As is the case with many artists, Richard simply cannot recall a time when artistic expression was not a part of his life. He recalls painting on concrete as a child and when I asked what his inspiration was at that point, he told me, “the sky, I am a skywatcher”. The desire to paint the perfect sky remains an illusive dream, “I have been striving all my life to paint the perfect cloud, but I still haven't accomplished it yet.”

Richard's actual work is diverse, from an uplifting, busy cartoon style {insert “the sack of potatoes by aston university} as this which depicts a long-standing landmark Birmingham pub. To the more dream and evocative {insert “boatman on the styx”}. This boatman reminiscent of the grip reaper was created as a design for a single cover for a piece of music that his stepson, wrote about the rapid transit of a man's life from conception to the Afterife. It's one of the ones which moves me the most personally too; having a penchant for romantic dreamy scenes (amongst many other favoured styles).

One big influences of Richard's last two decades has been Larry Cloud Morgan (Wabiske Migwan) and American justice activist, artist and poet. Richard met Larry in the late 90s in the US and it was like a piece of his soul connected and remained with Richard. {insert “Larry Cloud Morgan”} Larry died shortly afterwards and his imprint remains with him. I believe this kind of assimilation of energetic kinship occurs more frequently that most of us are aware.

As some who deals with a severe form of bi-polar Richard's life has been a cascade of immense creative periods, intermingled with great depths of emotions. For inspiration of course such highs and lows are present in many of the most talented people and Richard's visions have drawn him closer to writing in recent times.

The story begins back in Mexico in 2004 where he had a near death experience. Whilst comatose, in a hospital bed for days on end he travelled through the entire creation of the Universe and saw how it was formed. Bit by bit he watch matter unfold from the most simple to the most complex geometric, patterns, and further into wider and bigger dimensions.

Perhaps such journeys are not so uncommon to those in a coma, but since he remembers so much of this journey vividly, Richard is begun writing a book with illustrations, to share this experience. Much of his art since this period has centred around this experience. {insert, “Womb of God”} with this being one of the most powerful.
Richard describes the “Womb of God”, “I saw this vision in a flash one day whilst meditating. It was a view of the Universe, and Time, and an alternative and more complex idea of the Big Bang, representing Universes being formed out of the Vortex, or trumpet, maturing, dying and returning in a cycle as they pass through their own 'gates', or terminals. It also forms the centrepiece for the cover of my main book, "Yaqui Lives..."

If you are interesting in seeing more of Richard's work, his website is here: with some of the work still available for purchase at negotiable prices. I can't wait to read his book when completed also!
(written February 2017)


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