Everyone Has

Everyone Has is a way for people to transform themselves to service-to-others thinking, by providing Food, Water (drinking, facilities), Clothing and Shelter for free to others. Just click the Sign In and Search button in order to use the service or choose the Everyone Has menu in your Profile area.

If half of the people had a home and the other half didn't
– sharing would house everyone.

We are being separated by propaganda in the media. The system proposes a life time of work, buying more toys & bigger houses to hold them. Everyone Has proposes you start caring by sharing what you currently have and be confortable with what you have. A smaller house encourages stronger family values. Offering services to help others for free is just the first step.

People have to be willing to reach out for help. Do you know your immediate neighbours? Do you know your neighbours two houses down? Would you ask them for help? People are usually reluctant to ask for help until they're in dire need.

I would love to see stores, fast-food or otherwise, offer Everyone Has Water services. I encourage thrift stores to sign up for Everyone Has Clothing, as I believe people will be more inclined to visit or offer donations to a store that is giving back.

How You Can Contribute

Everyone Has Food - Offer a free meal in your home. How much food goes to waste when it could have fed someone.

Everyone Has Water - Offer your home for a place to get a drink and use the washroom.

Everyone Has Clothing - Offer used clothing.

Everyone Has Shelter - Offer your spare bedroom or even the couch for someone to sleep.

How it Started

The topic of World Peace came up for www.globalunitymeditation.com. I thought about how to include World Peace as a part of my daily affirmations & visualizations. Affirmations must be in the present tense and since we manifest everything, all of my affirmations start with "Everyone is/has/…". I thought of what does World Peace mean to me and came up with the following statements:

  • Everyone Has Food
  • Everyone Has Water
  • Everyone Has Clothing
  • Everyone Has Shelter
During my morning affirmations and visualizations, I visualize a shelter for many people/families that have nothing and are being provided for for free. This is where I'd like to go with the Everyone Has program.


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