Sponsor a Sovereign Child’s Education. This is the New Earth Parallel Structure to the Public School System. In a New Earth Structure without taxation we must call on the hearts of the sovereign to support the children in being all they were born to be. Be an active participant in creating the New Earth by financing Centre's for Children. When we put children at the centre, community will naturally grow up around them.

These Learning Pods Require
  • 2 full time guides per 24 students
  • Space to rent
  • Resources
  • Developer

Criteria for A New Earth Pod
  • Sovereign
  • Agenda free curriculum
  • 24 children per 2 guides
  • A safe place to explore self and imagination where mentorship is provided for passions to grow.
  • Parental participation
  • Operational minimum of 3 days per week


We have pods in British Columbia and Alberta.

British Columbia (BC)
  • Cowichan
  • Chemainus
  • Campbell River
  • SAGE
  • Nanoose
  • River Song
  • Earth Song

Alberta (AB)
  • Edmonton
  • Calgary
  • Red Deer

Become a community member or mentor.
You can also contribute by purchasing a sponsorship package.