This is description of the Tarot service.

  1. You can create whatever tab structure you need to provide your services.

  2. Files or links can be attached for the client to immediately get access too.

  3. If the lightworker needs to provide extra files to complete the service, they can be attached when completing the order and the purchaser will be emailed notifying them their order is complete.


15min Quick Read
$50.00 CADYou must Sign In to Order
You get a tarot reading via video. You may be interested in the full read which includes extra information provided by your spirit guides.
30min Normal Read
$75.00 CADYou must Sign In to Order
60min Full Reading with Extra Information
$100.00 CADYou must Sign In to Order


Create articles or blog entries ยป

You can create articles or blog pages which are not tracked on the tab bar (customizable). You will be able to schedule articles, soon, to appear automatically, so you can queue up a bunch and take a ...