This is the personal website of Mr Clapper. You may have heard of me.

I received my Reiki Master attunement and started healing nature for a couple of months. During some online group meditations, people were asking for healing, so I sent out healing and received clairaudient and telepathic responses.

Meditative journeys have been a big part of my inner-work and my guides have urged me to start sharing, so check out the Journey Healing section and my YouTube channel for a sample of what you can expect.


5D is a Change in Perspective - Everything is Perfect »

It's good to be home, at my cottage. The Arcturian Council waves me over to the lake. It's just not far at all from the meditation tree, like 10-20 feet? I don't know. (1:23)

I had the real...

All You Need is Gloves - A Chat with the Arcturian Council »

I have a chat with the Arcturian Council towards the end of the week and I put it in a blog entry, on my website, on Sunday. This was a story of something that happened to me on Thursday and I agree ...

Weekly Chat with the Arcturian Council »

The Arcturian Council guided me to start a weekly chat with them for inspirational messages for everyone. Their first message is: You can talk to whomever you want! Check out the link, below, for mor...

What is Journey Healing? »

A journey is an interactive story that your guides show me. I'll narrate what I'm seeing and clear any issues. This is only one aspect of the healing provided. When you hear the story it will resonate...