What is Journey Healing?

A journey is an interactive story that your guides show me. I'll narrate what I'm seeing and clear any issues. This is only one aspect of the healing provided. When you hear the story it will resonate with you differently than anybody else and will provide healing over the work I do in the journey. For example, giving you a different outlook on your situation and spring-boarding you to your next level.

My sample healing journey (001), provided on the Journey Healing page or my YouTube channel is more than my spirit guides doing donuts in my Camaro and telling me to get outside more. It was showing me my friends having fun in my old car I hardly drive anymore, but still have insurance on it. It made me laugh and cry -- it hit me the evening after recording that session.

On other Journey Healing sessions, I've seen and cleared hearts stuck in crevasses, dark clouds of doubt.

I'm offering five free Journey Healing sessions to new clients. All that I request is a testimonial, feedback and the option to post your journey on my YouTube channel if you're comfortable with that. Check my Journey Healing page and scroll to the bottom to see the "Free Journey Healing..." service. If more than five people are interested, I'll post the results of the first five then notify the others.


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