Communicating with Those that have Passed On

I've had some interesting experiences with talking to those that have completed their experience and passed on. This includes people as well as dogs. I was going to call this article "Dogs at my Etheric Cottage," but that didn't cover the scope of the topic. I am recommending that everyone meditate for 5 minutes a day and connect with your spirit guides. They will give you the information to need to get you on your path.

You're infinite consciousness having a personal experience and you manifest your reality. What is better than that?

NB: Always narrate and record your journeys. I find that my guides will say things that may not react with me during the journey, but during transcription, things can come up for purging or discussion with your guides.

Karen's Mother

It started with Karen's Mother. Karen told me that she felt her Mother's presence for a year after she passed. I told her, "it's your Mother telling you she's ok." and Karen didn't believe me. Let me clarify, when I say "She's ok," I mean her spirit had this existence as one of many thousands of experiences and will take from it what she needed and has the option of incarnating again. We never die.

While cooking supper, Karen's mother told me, "Jason, if I only knew [we could talk to our spirit guides] when I was alive..." I told her, "I know, it's awesome."

Later on, I did the 004 Mr Clapper - Healing for Karen from her Mother session in which Karen's Mother just talks about how to connect with your spirit guides. That's where it all starts. You don't need anyone else to tell you what your spirit guides are saying, just talk to them yourself -- they hear your thoughts so you don't have to speak out loud to talk with them.

After some time, I was going to let Karen call me instead of me calling her. Her Mother said, "What makes you think she's going to call you?" She wanted me to deliver the healing video message to Karen. The day I delivered the message to Karen, Karen almost yelled at me saying, "She's gone and I won't listen to the message." Karen's Mother thanked me for delivering the message and never visited me again except to say, "Thank you Jason" and that she's still trying to connect with her daughter.

My Brother's Dogs

When I first started meditating, I had a meditation tree then I added a lake and cottage. At that cottage, I thought it'd be nice as a place for my brother's dogs to run. Now there was something special about one of his dogs, it would run fanatically in circles around the inside of the house whenever I would come to visit. My brother said, "You're the only one that causes him to get that excited." At my etheric cottage, he would do the same thing, but run outside the cottage in circles before coming to let me pet him. The other dog was a sweetie and would lie in my purple-flower bed beside the meditation tree and come out to visit me whenever I stopped by. They aren't with me at the cottage anymore, so it was like they just wanted to say, "Hi".

My Hairstylist's Dog

My hairstylist had a very large dog that couldn't walk very well toward the end of her experience. I loved visiting that dog and could tell she liked it when I came over. I had the dog at my cottage too and it would jump around and run on it's fore-legs to show me that she was ok. I was getting my hair cut one day and told my stylist that her dog was at my etheric cottage running around to show me she was ok. I asked the dog if it had a message and the dog said, "Thank you for all you did for me." It almost made my hairstylist cry because at the end, she had to carry this large dog to help it into the car as it really couldn't walk well. I don't see that dog at my cottage these days either.

My Co-worker's Dog

Last week a friend at the office asked me if I had a dog. [Guide: Jason, go eat... Jason: Ok, I'm back.] I said I didn't. He mentioned his dog passed on and that they're dog-free now. That evening, during my daily healing by the meditation tree a small white dog came from behind the tree to join me. I pet it and I felt that it was my friend's dog. It watched me doing Reiki to heal everyone. See my Free Reiki Healing page. Each evening since then it would join me in my cottage bedroom and sleep above my head on the pillow - or just over my face -- and I'd laugh. I have the feeling I need to tell him about this or I'll have a little dog sleeping on my face occasionally. Not that it's a bad thing, it's just an experience.


I hope the message is clear: We don't die, our souls are infinite and to make it better, we manifest our reality. Start by meditating and talking to your own spirit guides; Don't take my word for it.

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