010 Your Higher-Self and the Apple of Knowledge

I started chatting with the Arcturian Council, the forest-people and Nicola Tesla. I told Nicola it was Wednesday and I usually talk with the Arcturian Council at that time. He said, go right ahead. If you'd like to hear more from the forest-people or Nicola, just contact me via my contact form.

NB: Always narrate and record your journeys. I find that my guides will say things that may not react with me during the journey, but during transcription, things can come up for purging or discussion with your guides.

Jason: I see the Sun and the sky is bright.
Guide: Just get on with your session, we can talk later.

The Arcturian Council was saying, ...
Council: Lets go sit by the lake. ... Lets go sit by the forest. Where the forest-people are.

The forest-people are there and they say, ...
Sasquatch: Jason, are you going to Chris' Patreon so you can hear our next sessions?
Jason: My feeling was no.
Sasquatch: We're ok with that, just make sure you come talk to us about your vacation.
Jason: I remember they said I can bring them apples on my way through the mountains. I can meet them in the mountains, but I don't know where though.
Sasquatch: Now you can talk to Nicola.

Nicola Tesla and Free Energy

I turn to the Nicola and say, ...
Jason: It's Wednesday, do you mind if I talk to the Arcturian Council? (4:44)
Nicola: No, it's fine.

I feel and I hear, "Jason our message is to talk to Nicola Tesla."
Jason: I can't put Nicola and I talking ... Maybe I can. Nicola, do you have an inspriational message for the collective?
Nicola: Jason, I thought we were going to work on free energy.
Jason: That sounds like a plan.

I turn to the forest-people and say, ...
Jason: Have you ever got free-energy from a tree? (chuckle)
Sasquatch: No.
Jason: I don't have to try that again.
Sasquatch: Just continue your training with Nicola.

I ask Nicola about … (and my guide answers another question I was thinking about)
Guide: You can ask me later.
Jason: I was going to ask my guide about the levels of awakening and where I might be.
Guide: Ask your higher-self for that.

Jason: Nicola, what's my next training?
Nicola: What have your tried so far? It's ok if you thought it through. You have to ..., but you will have to try something.
Jason: Does it have to do something with the toroid?
Nicola: Yes.

I'm listening to Abbey's light language .. or mirroring it .. and I got a rush of energy.
Nicola: Jason, why do you experiment with light languages?
Jason: I've been getting a high resonance. I don't know which one is going to resonate with me.
Nicola: Expand on resonate.

Jason: There was an idea about resonating ... Ralph Ring was talking about if you produce a sound (vibration) that will make an object resonate with itself and then it becomes weightless. That's how bumblebees fly.
Nicola: How can you apply that to free energy?
Jason: Would the weightlessness be some way to produce energy? Because I don't know.
Nicola: Maybe you'll have to try something.

Nicola: That's all for our lesson for today. You can still talk to the Arcturian Council.
Jason: I thank Nicola for talking to me today.
Nicola: You don't have to thank me.
Jason: But I am grateful.
Nicola: That's fine, I like talking to you too.

Taking a Walk with the Arcturian Council

I ask the Arcturian Council if they have a message for the collective today?
Council: A message for today to be put out on the weekend?
Jason: (chuckle) Yeah.
Council: Yeah, we do have a message, why don't we take a walk.

We are walking in the backside of my cottage.
Council: Jason, you really have a nice cottage, but it gets a little sketchy when you leave it because you don't make pathways.

We're at my previous vision with the apple tree and the badger and they say, ...
Council: Yeah, we really wanted an apple.
Jason: This is where, one of my journeys where I solved where Everyone Has Food and the birds could get fed with apples. I saw a squirrel get fed by picking an apple from an apple tree next door a week ago.
Council: Jason, why are you telling us this.
Jason: (tears) Well you made me see the vision of the apple tree. So I just told my story.
Council: What do you mean, we made you see a vision.
Jason: (chuckle) Now we're sitting on a Ferris wheel. I always liked how you could see far on top.
Council: Is this how your Journey Healing works?
Jason: Yeah, the spirit guides of the person that wants help will show me a vision, much like how Abbey Normal's vision quest about suicide ...
Council: So people can just ask you a question and you'll ask their spirit guides to answer it? Why can't they just ask their spirit guides themselves?

They said, "Don't just say they can access their spirit guides themselves."

Council: Why would they contact you if they can just contact their spirit guides themselves?
Jason: You can always go within and ask your higher-self or ask your spirit guides.
Council: Whoa, your higher-self?
Jason: Yeah.
Council: Isn't your higher-self above your spirit guides? (They said it as if it was hard to talk to your higher-self)
Jason: No, it seems so easy now after a year of meditation and talking to the spirit realm. Talking to people in the etheric, but ... Yeah, it's just like ... People don't believe. That's what the awakening is about.

People don't believe. That's what the awakening is about.

Council: Jason, are you embellishing?
Jason: People might wonder, who are my spirit guides? They're just people in another dimension or telepathic, telepathy from someone in our own dimension, but is an Extraterrestrial trying to help you. (22:24.53)
Council: You mean there is goodness outside Earth?
Jason: There is goodness here on Earth. There is good everywhere. There are good people everywhere.
Council: You're saying there's people on Venus?
Jason: Yeah. Venus has people on it in the 5th dimension. In the 3rd dimension it's barren.
Council: Where did you hear that?
Jason: I forget, but I heard it once. That's what Earth ... Earth and it's people are ascending to the 5th dimension.
Council: Are we going to leave Earth behind and travel to a new Earth?
Jason: No, it's a transition. No one gets left behind.

No one gets left behind.

This is a lot of ... jumping around to a lot of different topics.
Council: That's fine. Jason, what are you going to call this one? Having a walk? Sitting by the apple tree? The apple of knowledge? Ok, that's enough for now. (25:55)

Jason: I thank the Arcturian Council for speaking with me today.
Council: It's our pleasure.


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