009 Sitting by the Lake

I sit with the Arcturian Council and Nicola Tesla in the lawn chairs by the lake at my etheric cottage. We discuss feelings, one's individual experience in etheric, infinite consciousness, staying hydrated, grounding, using your imagination -- how else are you going to manifest what you want? -- and other topics.

NB: Always narrate and record your journeys. I find that my guides will say things that may not react with me during the journey, but during transcription, things can come up for purging or discussion with your guides.

Jason: I had my nap so I should be good to go, or a least ... it's fine for an hour (chuckle). I mean half an hour.
Guide: Are you sure you're ready? You don't want to have the Arcturian Council see you cry.
Jason: They're just tears.
Guide: You know you need a topic. They just won't come up with one for you. (3:11.12)
Jason: We're just going to have a chat.

We're going to sit by the lake.
They're already there, lounging.
Council: Why would we sit on a bench in the void, when we can sit by the lake?
Jason: The Sun is setting by the lake. It also rises by the lake. That's fine because it's whatever I want it to be.

Council: Whoa, Jason. Why is it whatever you want it to be? And don't say what everyone else says.
Jason: Well, I'll say what everyone else says then I'll say what I think. Everyone says that in 5D you can experience your own environment. It can be sunny, it can be night time for each person.
Council: You can all connect? You can all still talk to each other?
Jason: Yes.
Council: How does that work?
Jason: We're both seeing a sunset.
Council: In this case we are because we choose to see what you're manifesting. We can see whatever we want as well.

Council: You don't need to include the blabbering about how much love you feel when talking to your guides after work.
Jason: I was thinking they want me to say that, or I was thinking I would include it anyway.

I was thinking today at work, I was talking to my guides and I teared up. Nobody would look at me and think I would be crying anyway, so it doesn't matter.
Council: What if they asked about why you were crying?
Jason: (chuckle) I can say, I'm not sad; I was talking to my spirit guides.
Council: Does it happen a lot when talking with your spirit guides?
Jason: When they're not trying to teach me lessons. (chuckle)

Jason: I look at my guides.
Guide: It's still us.

Jason: Is this another message on how great your spirit guides are?
Council: Well, they're always great. Don't you think this has another angle?
Jason: If you want to feel love, talk to your spirit guides. If you want to have a friend to talk to which... I guess I'm talking to the Arcturian Council at my ethereal cottage by the lake.

Council: Do you think you're going to have a cottage by the lake?
Jason: Yeah, it doesn't have to be a big one. I don't need to spend that much time in it.
Council: How many rooms does your ethereal cottage have?
Jason: Kitchen, healing room. I did put a bathroom in there, ... it's still there. And then one, two bedrooms. One for my family, then two for Everyone Has Shelter. (My Grandparents have a room too. It used to be my dark room I used to clear my mind when meditating, but I don't use it for that anymore, so they moved in :)
Council: Do people come stay at your cottage?
Jason: Yes.
Council: Do you visit with them?
Jason: Yes.
Council: Is this all in your imagination?
Jason: (chuckle) Yes, but that's how it works.
Council: So, continue.
Jason: Society conditions kids to think, "It's just in your imagination" (11:23.44) Then as adults you can't have an imagination, but it's powerful. Useful for manifesting.
Council: Jason, if you're imagining talking to us and you're just talking with yourself ...
Jason: No, because... (chuckle)
Council: Continue.
Jason: No, because it's a knowing, it's your thoughts. I'm definitely talking with someone else.
Council: What can you do to convince people of that we're real?
Jason: I don't have to convince people.
Council: But no one is going to believe you.
Jason: I'm not worried about convincing people. Those people that resonate with what I'm saying will find my messages and know that they're not alone.
Council: Do you speak with Mother Earth?
Jason: Yeah, she told me... I was talking with her while I was grounding today because that was Daniel's message from his channel with the Arcturian Council. That we should stay hydrated and make sure we stay grounded. So I did that.
Council: Was it fun?
Jason: (chuckle) It was refreshing. It's Summer time, the grass is nice. I just go out in my backyard.

Jason: Are you going to start giving me messages?
Council: We just had to give you some space to do your other main article. We like that one.

Jason: Did I help that guy?
Council: Yes.
Jason: I wish I could have told him that stuff in the train.
Council: Well, you have to start somewhere.
Jason: Is it over?
Council: I thought you said we had half an hour?
Jason: (tears)
Council: But seriously, you can go talk to your guide.

Jason: I'm supposed to talk to Nicola Tesla about free-energy.
Council: How's that going?
Jason: Well, he's not just saying, "Here's how it's done..." He asked if I'm an electrician and I said, "No."
Council: Then why do you think you can get free-energy?
Jason: That was something that got me started with meditation.
Council: Save it for the book.
Jason: (chuckle) I get that a lot these days.
Council: You better start doing the outline and some bullet points or you'll just forget this stuff.
Jason: I record my journeys and dictate and transcribe most of them.
Council: Ok, Jason, it's been nice talking to you. Are you going to talk with us tomorrow?
Jason: Probably.
Council: Are you going to talk to Nicola Tesla now?
Jason: Yeah, that's a good plan. (chuckle)

So I only have two lawn chairs at my lake, but Nicola Tesla ... Well, I did have one large enough for two, so... Nicola Tesla is in the one on my left. He can just pull the chair over anyway.
Council: Why would Nicola come to your cottage?
Jason: Nicola?
Nicola: Yes Jason? (20:22)

Jason: I first thank the Arcturian Council for the message.
Council: No problem. It's mostly you anyway. Jason, what did we just speak about?
Jason: I forget. I'll get it during transcription. Some stuff about ... I forget. (chuckle) I tell the Arcturian Council they can stick around.
Council: We always are, in that we're everywhere. We're infinite consciousness and we're everywhere at all times.
Jason: Is that why one has to specify who they're talking with?
Council: It helps.

Jason: So Nicola..(chuckle)
Nicola: Oh, thank you for specifying who you're talking to.

Jason: Oh, I remember with Nicola. The last thing I saw was that plastic or transparent aluminum sheet. I opened it up and it had my tree branch in it. That was a good joke.
Nicola: I thought you'd like that one. Do you know why a tree branch doesn't work for electricity?
Jason: No.
Nicola: Yeah, it should've worked!
Jason: (chuckle) He's not going to tell me it's not possible. Do you have my next lesson on free-energy?


Guide: Are you going to write another Arcturian Council message?
Jason: Yeah.

I told them I only had 30 minutes and they stop me around that time :)


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