5D is a Change in Perspective - Everything is Perfect

It's good to be home, at my cottage. The Arcturian Council waves me over to the lake. It's just not far at all from the meditation tree, like 10-20 feet? I don't know. (1:23) They're in the lawn chairs, so I go over there to sit and chat.

I had the realization of what the 5th dimension was. It was seeing the same thing as everyone else, but having a different perspective.

Council: So, Jason, how was the trip with your Mother, the vacation to visit your Mom?
Jason: It was fantastic. (1:41.04) (chuckle)
Council: Did you get there in good speed?
Jason: That wasn't the point. I bought a park pass and went to the spiral tunnels. It's the only place directly on the highway, [so] we stopped and a train came by as .. perfect timing.
Council: Oh that's a coincidence.
Jason: There are no coincidences. (2:22)
Council: Where have you heard that?
Jason: The TruYou discussion on Christoper Jacobs YouTube channel with his partner Joanna where his mother and other friends talk. Other places as well. [It's due to your manifestation]
Council: Was anything else good on your trip?

Council: (aside) You should really try channeling.
Jason: I think this is channeling because I don't hear you talking.
Council: Ok, then proceed.

Jason: What was the question?
Council: Anything else good that happened on your trip?
Jason: Hmm... It was a relaxing trip. My Mom wanted to go shopping. (3:45.00) She's always in a rush. I was always trying to tell her to take it easy and just enjoy it. I was tired after shopping and I had to have a nap. She was still moving around so she must have a lot of energy.
Council: Do you think that she needs to do anything?
Jason: No, she's on her path. I told her ... I let her listen to the start of my healing video for Karen and she laughed. She started laughing out loud ... (4:42.42) that I went up on the clouds and started talking to Karen's Mom. At least laughter is the best medicine right?

Laughter is the best medicine

Council: You didn't take it hard?
Jason: No, I thought that she's laughing, so ... that's really good.
Council: Was there something else that you realized on your vacation?
Jason: Yeah, I don't remember any fear of speaking, like stuttering. My Mom, she wouldn't call the hairstylist and I forgot that when one stutters you might not call people because you have to talk over the phone. I don't have that fear anymore; Never had that for awhile. (5:53.44)
Council: When did you start thinking about your stutter?
Jason: In my affirmations when I said, "I speak slowly"
Council: Are you going to take those out of your affirmations?
Jason: I put them back in there. Maybe I'll just keep them in for now. Maybe they're working as they are. It just says, "I speak fluently (slowly)." I think it's still good.
Council: We think it's good too.
Jason: (chuckle) I'm not surprised at that. Things seem to be going my way these days.

Things seem to be going my way these days

My First Test of My Change of Perspective

Council: Jason, are you adlibbing?
Jason: We're just having a chat.

Council: Ok, do you want something for your article this weekend?
Jason: Sure.
Council: Put everything we talked about in the article. (wink) ;)
Jason: Is this to show perspective when you're in the 5th dimension?
Council: What do you mean by that?
Jason: I think it was last weekend, I had the realization of what the 5th dimension was. It was seeing the same thing as everyone else, but having a different perspective. The transition from 4D Earth to 5D Earth is just going to be perspective where people care for one another and actually .. maybe put their cell phones down and start talking.
Council: Is there more than that?
Jason: Yeah, ... My first test of my change of perspective was fast drivers. When I would drive and people would cut me off, you might think something or say something that the other driver is bad. Nowadays, it's just an opportunity to send them love. (chuckle) I was in a parking lot (9:31.44) backing up and this person just sped by like 30-40 km/h, I said, "I guess they have some shopping to do." My Mom said, "I wish I had that kind of attitude."

It's just perspective. You know, it is what it is.

I Call Them People

We've also drawn these experiences to ourselves.
Council: Ok, we don't have to go into that. (10.10.17) What else did you say?
Jason: I was at the mall where I parked. My Mom's friend and I went into the mall to recycle some batteries. There were some aboriginals sitting under trees in the shade on the curb and he said, (10:44.47) "I call them coyotes." I told him, "I call them people." I don't think he said very much about them after that. Hopefully, he'll change his perspective. (11:10)
Council: Why would you call them people?
Jason: (chuckle) Because I have many people visiting me in my ethereal cottage. I call them people and everytime I get asked, "Why didn't you call them beings or something else?" I ask, "Should I call them beings?" and the reply is "No calling them people is fine." So "people" should cover a lot ... of people.
Council: Why don't you say ETs or Extraterrestrials?
Jason: They are people too. (12:22) That's what I meant to say, that it covers everyone. Everyone's a person.
Council: Do you have to make a effort to think like this?
Jason: No, it just comes naturally.


I just have to work on judgement. Don't judge people, don't try and change them. (13:12.22)
Council: Go on.
Jason: (chuckle) Everytime I go visit my Mom, my family talks about eating healthier because they see that I'm healthy -- and I'm vegan, so ... maybe one of these days, they'll decide to eat healthier.
Council: Why did you decide to eat healthy?
Jason: It was always easy to me, I always treated food as just, "If I didn't eat it I would die" not as ... Oh, ok, maybe in my 20s I might have enjoyed eating stuff, but I realized it just wasn't healthy for me, so I changed my outlook on food that it was just for "not dying."
Council: Are you going to die?
Jason: (chuckle) We're going to cover all this stuff in one session?
Council: We need to give you some content for an article. (14:42) You can put in what you want.

Focus on the Now

Jason: What was the question?
Council: You forgot already?
Jason: Yeah, that kinda happens. I focus on the now. (15:05.11) If I don't focus on the now, my guides will say, "What are you doing now?" It reminds me to focus on the now and not the past or the future.
Council: Why is that?
Jason: (chuckle) I look over at the Arcturian Council. They're just a cloud person and they're just lounging with their hands folded behind their head soaking in the Sun.


Jason: What was the question?
Council: That's all for now.


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