It's time to move into your heart space

It's time to change yourself -- maybe it's better said, "It's time for a new way of thinking." It's time to move into your heart ❤ space. When you're in your heart space, there is only love and forgiveness and fun! Love heals all. I see people have reached the limit of the propaganda spewed out by the mainstream news. Is that the way you want to live? Is that the way you want your children to grow up? I know there is a better way -- imagine what you'd like to experience and live it.

Why do you think the way you do?

Why do you believe the "old" way was the best way? The old way is separation, who wants to go back to the old way when we can do so much more when we cooperate. Society has been trained to be mind-focused. People say, "I'll believe it when I see it." Well, what if your power was creating that which you're thinking and you didn't know? What if you could have a different experience from anyone else and be happy? What kind of an experience would you come up with?

Pretend you're on the Holo Deck on Star Trek...

For those that haven't watched Star Trek, the holo deck is a computer generated experience where you could spend time to relax, train or just have fun.
Think of answers to these questions while trying to really think outside-the-box:

  • Where would you live?
  • How would you get food and water?
  • How would you dress?
  • What would you do during the week?
  • What would you do on weekends?
There is no right answer. You can have any experience you want.

My ultimate experience would be to live in a trans-dimensional tree-house. where you walk into a portal as a door and "inside" there is a huge house. It's like the TARDIS on Dr. Who, but it's a tree because I like trees and there are no police (policy enforcers) as everyone cooperates. We can instantly manifest food and water to eat and drink. When you get dressed, you think of what you'd like to wear and it instantly appears on you. Activities during the week and weekends would be the same because we only "work" 3 days a month to cooperate building things society needs to operate.

How close were your answers to mine? What do you think of my answers? Would you like the experience I imagine?

Flat Earth, Hollow Earth, Round Earth...

It doesn't matter because it's all to create separation. It's the mind taking over again. When one is in their heart ❤ space, they just send love to the Earth.

All I have told you is true, we manifest our reality. You've manifested all you've experienced up until now. Have you taken the enlightened road? Would you like to? Forgive the past and move forward in love; Nothing from the past has any influence on your experience in the now moment. Your family's health has no affect on your health, unless you believe it does. To stay healthy: Thank your body for being strong. Thank the pain for the experience, but you no longer need that experience and you let it go. Let bad experiences go in gratitude and imagine what you'd really like to experience.

It's time.

I recommend reading the chat's I had with the Arcturian Council. I talk to them everyday.

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