Healing for the Trees - Worldwide Meditation

I had my weekly chat with the Arcturian Council and it led into a meditative journey with the trees. It finishes with information on the worldwide meditation on Thursday at 3pm Mountain time. If you can't make it at that time, then set the intention for your meditation to be for that purpose and to join us.

You can also help by planting a tree or just letting one or more of the spouts in your backyard grow.

NB: Always narrate and record your journeys. I find that my guides will say things that may not react with me during the journey, but during transcription, things can come up for purging or discussion with your guides.

I Chat with the Arcturian Council by the Lake at my Aetheric Cottage

Today was the day that ... Oh it's Wednesday today, I get to meditate again tomorrow (33.45) for the trees.

I don't have to, but ... It's awesome.
Ok, (52.34) ...

The Arcturian Council says, ...
Council: Come by the lake.
Jason: (tears) I feel love as I go to the lake.

The Arcturian Council says, ...
Council: Why did you do your meditation today for the trees?
Jason: I was excited to help the trees.
Council: But you sent love to everything.
Jason: (tears) I did send Reiki to Earth although she told me not to. I felt a connection with the trees. I hugged them and they hugged me back.
Council: Are you going to do it tomorrow?
Jason: My intention was to do it for the Simon Parkes meditation, so ... Just setting the intention means it will be done at the same time [as the rest of the group, tomorrow].
Council: Because there is no time?
Jason: Yeah, but I'll do it tomorrow because it's fun... Well, I get to communicate with the trees again. It'll be nice.

Council: Jason, what else do you want to talk about today?
Jason: I haven't done a meditative journey in 4 days, which is strange.
Council: Why is that?
Jason: Either I fell asleep, or I was doing something and I really didn't think I had anything worth talking about.
Council: Hey, Jason, what if we had something to talk about?
Jason: You're usually there on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays, and you're usually silent at the beginning of the week.
Council: That's fine, you can always talk to someone else.
Jason: Yeah, but I don't know who to talk to.
Council: You can talk with anyone you want.
Jason: It takes time to sort some of this stuff out. I can't talk to everyone in one day.
Council: No, do you want to talk to Guide now?
Jason: I think I'll do a journey with the trees. (chuckle)

A Journey with the Trees

I'm surrounded by trees. The Arcturian Council and I are sitting in lawn chairs and we're surrounded by trees.

Council: Do you mind if we stay?
Jason: No.
Council: Well, get started.
Jason: (chuckle)

I ask the trees if they have anything to say to me or the collective?
Trees: Thank you, Jason, for healing us today. We really mean it.
Jason: Gaia was telling me that it's all in the change [transformation]...
Trees: Yeah, we'll be alright. It's always nice to know that someone cares.


Trees: Jason, thank you for letting your sprout grow. Do you want to talk about that?
Jason: You know, I was going to write an article about this.. The trees.

You know how you have sprouts growing in your backyard. Trees grow sprouts for other trees to grow. It's their family.

Well, I let one grow that was in the perfect spot. I was going to let two grow, but one didn't grow that quickly. So, I let one grow and in 2-3 years it's over 6ft tall.

Trees: They correct me and say it was two years -- one winter.
Jason: (chuckle) The first year it was maybe 1.5 ft now it's over 6 ft.
Trees: Do you know why it grows so quickly? (10:10.16)
Jason: Because I want it to grow.
Trees: Yes, because you want it to grow.
Jason: That's similar to the plant in my office. I talk to it telepathically everyday and it grows quickly too. [It talks back]
Trees: It's just that easy.


Trees: Jason, do you want to take a walk?
Jason: Sure.
Trees: We're trees, we can't walk.
Jason: (chuckle) (11:11.17)

I was thinking... Well, maybe not on Earth, but weren't you formed from the tree beings? Like Greybeard on that movie?
Trees: Yes. (11:40)


Trees: Are you going to do a meditation tomorrow?
Jason: Yes. I'll meditate on the trees being safe again.
Trees: Thank you, Jason, it really helps. Are you going to tell the people what to do?

Jason: Yeah. Simon Parkes is having is meditation for the trees at 10pm British Summer Time on Thursday. That's 3pm Mountain time. You just send love & light to the trees and specifically protect them against fire. I envision them as being healthy and happy. If they need rain, they get rain. I give them hugs.

Trees: Do you give each tree a hug individually?
Jason: (chuckle) No, I just give them all a hug and I also hug the Earth, which includes all the trees and everyone.
Trees: Thank you, Jason, can you get this article up tonight?
Jason: Yeah, that'll be a good evening. (14:04)

That scene fades and my guide comes over.

Guide: Jason, what are you doing lying down, you have to do the article today.
Jason: It's only 6:30, there's lots of time.
Guide: Of course there's lots of time, it was only a 15 minute journey.


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