How to Exit the Matrix

What is the Matrix? Have you seen the Matrix movie where Neo is living his "life" until he takes the red pill, then wakes up to see he's been manipulated. Mr. Smith is trying to catch Neo and is able to morph from anyone on the street. This is how they've setup the game. If you step out of the box, you get phrases like, "In the real world", "You've got your head in the sand," "It's a conspiracy theory," "The channel can't be displayed because it violated local laws." In the end though, Neo stands in his power and can stop bullets -- untouchable.

This should be good 😃 -- My guide

The Matrix is the story you're living in and you take it as fact because that's what our parents followed and their parents. The story is one of looking outside of yourself for answers and validation, and separation.

  1. Forget everything you've been taught
  2. You are the creator of everything; Create what you'd like to experience
  3. Send love & light to everything

I am the most powerful...

We've been in this story all our lives, so it's hard to change your way of thinking overnight, but take it one step a time. Think, "What if I was the most powerful superhero in the universe, what would I create?" You are. Send out the energy of what that new way-of-being feels like and that's what you'll attract. You do not have to work hard.

I recommended to my friend that he take the "7-day Positivity Challenge." Do what you must in the physical, but always send out the energy and intention that you're healthy and everything heals you. He used the term "Woke" for always being happy. I told him, "That's how it works. You deal with the Now moment, but send out the energy -- positivity -- that the new Now moment is for your highest good." If one goes into a state of sadness, they should be clearing the negative energy. Ask your guides for help on clearing the negative energy.

There is one thing that negative energy dis-likes is positivity. As you raise your vibration, you'll automatically heal as well!

As you raise your vibration, you'll automatically heal -- Mr Clapper

Lets give it a try:
  • Thank you sneeze for healing me and everyone in the Universe
  • Thank you food for healing me and everyone in the Universe, etc
  • Everything about today turns out better than hoped for, planned, dreamed, imagined, expected, anticipated, miraculously, and even better than that and in a fun way
  • Thank you pain, you can leave now

Was that easy? Was it too easy? Yeah, it doesn't make people money, so it's not taught in schools nor passed around freely.

That's how easy the new experience can be -- just changing your perspective to one of love, forgiveness and healing for everyone.

That's pretty good [information] -- My guide

Do not work hard

Working hard is a very 3D way of thinking. I do A so I can have B. I spoke to this guy once and I asked him, "What do you do when you're hungry?" He replied, "He would work to buy food to eat." He never considered, telling me he's hungry and I'd take him out for lunch. I told him, "I'm hungry, so I eat." The path to eating can be so varied, why assign one path to the end goal?

As you are manifesting, envision the end-goal, not the path it will take to get there and you will be surprised how you get there in the end.

We are not alone; Never have been.

Who do you think my guide is? They are my family and friends. They are beings like me just having a different experience and choosing to help me on my journey. You have to ask for them to contact you. I find telepathy is much more clear communication than angel numbers and other things to get your attention.

One of the most hidden secrets is our in-Earth and off-Earth friends and their technologies. Technologies that would free us from burning oil and gas. Free us from having to work competitively -- in cooperation we can get much farther with greater ease.

Watch some of Alex Collier's free videos on YouTube from the link below.

Free Energy (at least Over Unity)

I posted a link to a high-voltage solution, see the Over Unity link below, from Don Smith in a YouTube video from a master of electronics. He lives on an acreage at the end of the power-grid. I posted it twice and both times I could not find the message. Either he deleted it because he thought it was bogus, or YouTube deleted it because "it violates their code of conduct."

This is the simplest solution for an off-grid home I've seen. It involves a 12V battery (which is charged by the same cables that connect it to the device), neon sign transformer to get 2500V at 35KHz, neon bulbs and Nikola Tesla coils which resonate and amplify the energy produced. The extra secondary coils activated by magnetism perfectly replicate the power from the primary coil and no energy is lost. Run those lines to your shop or next door to your neighbour.

Forget everything you've been taught

You are everything you need in this experience. You are all there is - Love & Light - the most powerful being in your experience. Step outside the box and stay out -- do what you have to do day-to-day, but dream the biggest and a transition of ease and grace to our Star Trek future -- or better!

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