This website/service is different, it's focused on:

  • Informing people about how things work. We manifest our reality. This means everything, not just wealth.

  • Connecting people to bring about change. Together we have the tools and knowledge to create what is required for change. For example, my software skills allowed me to create this website. Sign in and join our Discord channel for help and to discuss providing Everyone Has services in your area.

  • Lightworker Website Creator to allow lightworkers to get online and start selling their talents quickly. Sign in and activate your website in the Lightworker | General tab in the Profile area. Look at the DemoAccount using the search box to see how it works.

  • Using 5D Earth principles, namely service-to-others, to help lead the way for the transformation of the human collective out of ego based, service-to-self, thinking. Check out Everyone Has for a way you can make a difference. Service-to-self thinking is breaking down family values where people want larger houses to separate the family. We don't need larger houses, more time should be spent together and helping others.

How things work

You need to know 4 things:

  1. We are Infinite Consciousness having a personal experience. In the higher dimensions, there is only love. For a spirit to learn, we have to incarnate in a 3D body and forget what we are such that we can have experiences that we need to expand and move up dimensionally. Because of this fact, Everyone is One, Everyone is Equal.

  2. We Are One. People should be treated with respect regardless of their income, height, weight, colour & disabilities.

  3. We are Source Energy Creator Beings. If you are not actively thinking about what you are manifesting via meditation, affirmations, visualizations and service-to-others actions you are manifesting by default. This is the purpose of social media, gaming, TV, movies and mainstream news. They are designed to distract and cause masses to manifest fear. Look within for the answers. Love is the only true feeling, everything else is false. When you judge something, you should look internally and determine why you judge it. Even a rainy day is beautiful as it allows plants to grow.

  4. We Manifest our Reality. This means everything, not just wealth. To make big changes, it doesn't require everyone to manifest peace via Everyone Has Food, Water, Clothing and Shelter. It only requires enough people to override the default manifestations of others.

In Love & Light
Jason Monds.


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