Quantum Physics and our Ascension

I'd like to present a few links between Quantum Physics and our Ascension. I'm not a physicist, but I can put 2 and 2 together. I'll show links between Quantum Entanglement, Unified Field Theory and the Holographic Universe as it relates to Planck's constant. It turned out to be more than a few links, but you can scroll down to the bottom to see some YouTube videos on some of the interesting items presented.

Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Entanglement is defined as "The physical condition of two more particles or physical systems being in quantum states each of which may only be described by reference to the others, especially when the particles or systems are separated in space."
Reference: https://www.thefreedictionary.com/quantum+entanglement

I've watched many of Christopher S. Jacobs readings at his YouTube channel. Chris and Joanna share cutting edge information and I highly recommend checking out their channel and their website TheLifting. One of his gifts is to channel The Galactic's which on many occasions have said they won't use their real name due to entanglements that can be created. This would be Quantum Entanglement.
Reference: https://mylightworker.org/user/thelifting
Reference: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4oaEHPUwNT5S7zQMs6wLxA

  • Viking's Galactic Interstellar Council (VGIC)- Original Air Date: 01-04-19
    - 00:34:10 - Chris intro from Viking
    - 00:34:30 - Chris intro for himself
    - Dreamtime should be message from benevolent guides and for inner-work

    - Glactics Channel
    - 1:03:05 - Intro of beings to talk to
    - 1:04:33 - Issac

  • VGIC: Tia speaks about Distractions, Using the System Against Itself, and the Veneration of Humanity
    - Money will change and morph, it will be good and Galactic trade system

Unified Field Theory

Finding a simple definition for this is difficult so I'll offer two ideas from the theory:

1. Dimensions are just frequencies, At the speed of telepathy
2. The universe is just a frequency field that we interpret

Dimensions are just frequencies, At the Speed of Telepathy
This is an excerpt from a meditative journey I had with my spirit guide. It's not the first time we've had this discussion. It shows that we all occupy the same space and are only separate by frequencies and telepathy is instantaneous.

  • Guide: One more question, and make it good. It might be your last question.
    Jason: I ask [Guide] to come in stronger.
    Guide: Why do you want me to come in stronger?
    Voice: Why did you say, "It said" instead of [Guide].
    Voice: I'm 10 billion light years away.
    Jason: Wasn't that supposed to be dimensions? But that's not how it works.
    Voice: I'm 10 billion dimensions away. Why do you think it should be loud?
    Jason: We all occupy the same space. We're just at different frequencies.
    Guide: Why haven't you started on your Quantum article yet? Put this as one of the paragraphs.

Christopher S. Jacobs of TheLifting had a channel of the "Bee consciousness" that mentions it's connected to all bees in the galaxy at the same time.

  • The Lifting, Episode #51: Shungite and Bees, with Guests Derek and Maureen Condit
    - 00:59:29 - Start of the Bee consciousness channel
    - 01:05:30 - Shungite makes the poisons inert
    - 01:09:00 - Mention of the connections between all bees

Dr Steven Greer and telepathy and interstellar travel
Dr Steven Greer has been working to get disclosure for 25 years and has shown that we need to disclose starting with the public. See my About page and How Things Work for more information.

He talks about the "Gap" which is the ethereal realm used for interstellar travel and communications.

  • Steven Greer Petaluma Workshop Pt. 1: The Holographic Conscious Universe, 39:33, Interstellar travel

  • Steven Greer Petaluma Workshop Pt. 1: The Holographic Conscious Universe, 41:36, Communication Systems

  • Steven Greer Petaluma Workshop Pt. 1: The Holographic Conscious Universe, 44:00, Communication Systems, Story
    - Ends at approximately 48:00

Dr Steven Greer has a story from Don Phillips of the CIA who was in a program to Astral travel and he wanted some information on why he bumped into an interstellar craft with his Astral body. Don was able to see and connect with the craft because his Astral body was at the same frequency and density as the craft.

  • Steven Greer Petaluma Workshop Pt. 1: The Holographic Conscious Universe, 50:21, Astral Travel

We Interpret the Unified Field

The Matrix & Reality Explained - David Icke Dot Connector Videocast Trailer

Michael Talbot wrote of an experience mentioned in The Holographic Universe. It's is a story of a man who was hypnotized and couldn't see his daughter in the room. In fact, he could see right through her to read a watch.

  • Cabinet of Tales: Perception and Reality

Planck's constant is a value of the smallest recordable value, I equate this with a pixel on your monitor or a pixel in the hologram.

  • The Planck scale is the universal limit, beyond which the currently known laws of physics break.

  • In order to comprehend anything beyond it, we need new, unbreakable physics.

Sacred Geometry defines the universe. I start seeing Sacred Geometry as my 3rd eye starts to open. This website goes into it much deeper.

  • Ascension Through Sacred Geometry - A Conversation with Thomas Morton

A Little Inner-Work Goes a Long Way

The Astral body manifests the physical body and this story is a good example: Reiki Cures Man 70yr old Man of Heart Problems. He was slated to go into surgery for coronary artery disease. The day before surgery he had a Reiki session and was told to let out his anger by screaming into a pillow; His disease disappeared.

  • PSYCHIC EPISODES Reiki Master, Maureen Rivelle + Psychic Lip Reader, Deni Luna - Ep. 42

Disclosure Through Art

Film creators sometimes disclose these ideas to the collective. We aren't batteries, but our fear is used to feed lower vibrational beings. Everyone is Neo as the film shows, you just have to accept it.

  • Matrix Movie #1

This goes for the superhero movies as well. Here is an excerpt from a meditative journey I had talking with my spirit guide:

  • We were talking about protection.
    Guardian Angel and protection and [Guide] says, ...

    Guide: Do you think you need protection?
    Jason: There's stuff out there I don't know, so as long as it's for my highest good. You can protect me from weird crap.
    Guide: That's going to be helpful when you're done with that book and you start doing some stuff.
    Jason: The Akashic Records should be cool.
    Guide: How are you going to read it...?
    Jason: How am I talking to you without closing my eyes?
    Guide: Are you super human now?
    Jason: I always was; I just didn't know it. I was thinking, "it's awesome" and [Guide] already answered...
    Guide: Yeah, it's awesome.

Writers sometimes bring out these ideas into the collective, like the All-seeing eye in George Orwell's 1984.

  • George Orwell's 1984
    The All-seeing eye as shown in the movie is analogous to Smart TVs, Alexa, Siri, Google Home in the present day.

  • Amazon's Alexa recorded private conversation and sent it to random contact.


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