How to Manifest Your Reality

What if I said you could manifest health, peace and abundance? Would that get your attention? Most of the information, I've seen on the internet, regarding manifesting has to do with money. People feel the need they need to work harder to get what they want or just need more money out of the air. This mindset is one of lack which manifests lack. The concept behind manifestation is easy: Hold the vibration of that which you're looking to manifest.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. -- Nikola Tesla

Your Current Vibration

I'll use the money analogy. Do you say, "I need money, money, money!"? This is a vibration of lack. When you say "I need" something means you don't have it. This puts you in the vibration of needing it and you'll never have it. Take a look at some reasons why you might feel you need more money:

  • Bigger house
  • Faster car
  • Newer gadgets
  • Competition with friends

Before you can change your vibration, you should spend some time contemplating why you're in your current vibration. All of the above are really subconscious programming by the system: social media, TV, movies, music and mainstream news. I recommend cancelling your TV subscription as it's just taking up at least 30 hours a week of your time. It's really a tool for programming how you think and, therefore, how you vibrate.

How to Change Your Vibration

They say we take in 11 million pieces of information per second and your brain only processes 40 of them. That's a lot of programming in the subconscious that needs to be purged to make room for new ideas that you create for your highest good. We are energetic beings that manifest our reality and need to take some time to just stop and pay attention to ourselves.

  1. Stop and meditate daily - Take some time for yourself and just stop doing. Learn to feel the energy around you.

  2. Say affirmations in the NOW using "am/is/have" - For example: I am healthy", "My hand is getting better everyday", "I am abundant".

  3. Intention, Visualization and Emotion - will help put you in the right vibration. When you say, "I am healthy" imagine (or visualize) running up and down 100 flights of stairs and not being tired. Feel it. This will put you in the vibration that you are healthy. If you want to manifest 'Everyone has Food', you visualize everyone having food now, not the transition between starving then having food. Let the energies manifest how it will happen, you just have to follow the trail and make a change to allow it to manifest.

  4. You've turned off the TV right? - That will help keep you in a vibration that you want and not one of fear and lack.

Service to Others

Saying "I am healthy" as an affirmation is good, but very 3D/4D. It signifies service-to-self thinking to me. It's said that by clearing negative energy from ourselves, that we clear it for the collective, but what if we set the intention that "Everyone is healthy"? It gets you to thinking about more than yourself and still gets the job done since you are included in everyone.

Only Visualize the Results You Desire (Update for July 2019)

This took me awhile to figure out with the help of my guides. While doing my daily affirmations and "Everyone has food" I would picture feeding hungry people. This is not the proper way to manifest, you should just picture everyone having food! So while I visualize "Everyone is one", I just visualize "Everyone has food" by seeing everyone with an apple. It's that easy.

Look for an upcoming article on How to Manifest World Peace, but until then check out the Everyone Has page for a new way of thinking. The link is at the top of the page.


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