A Year Awakened

My guide reads the title and says, "This should be good" and I laugh. I'm sitting listening to Christmas music and skip any song that doesn't resonate. I suppose that's the point, follow your own path. That peaked my guides' interest. You might be asking how I'm talking to my guide -- it's telepathy. But you don't need me to convince you that this is possible, you just have to look within.

I won't put my normal recommendation here to narrate and record your journeys because this is just my guide and I sitting by the fireplace chatting. Well, that's the vision that was presented to me.

Let's start with Christmas

Look forward to spending time with your family for Christmas. If you don't have immediate family to celebrate with, then celebrate with your spiritual friends and family. You can choose to have ascended masters as guides, but don't pass on the friends you've had for eons and have chosen to assist you through this incarnation.

Drop Materialism

I skipped the office gift exchange. I think donating to the local food bank will be much more helpful than a $25 piece of junk that no one needs just for 30 minutes of entertainment.

The easiest way to get out of the Work-Eat-Buy-Sleep routine is to turn off social media and TV. We're programmed to think that we should just accumulate more things until we die. I have not watched regular TV nor elections in over a year and it's refreshing. It's all about competition anyway and everyone is equal.

We manifest what we're thinking & feeling most. TV is manipulating you into putting energy into others and expecting others to solve problems. We can make change ourselves and don't need the government. I had this thought recently that, 'Yeah, we can do this..." regarding making change where people co-operate for the common good.

Free Energy and Transit

What got me started talking to my spirit guides was the possibility of astral traveling to see what was being hidden from us. I'm not so concerned with that these days as we don't have to do anything to manifest we just have to feel. Following your path is different, you will have to make some physical change :)

I've seen many videos on YouTube that could easily be free-energy devices, but the person doesn't believe it's possible. We've also had many people design alternative-fuel vehicles in the past and that won't stop.

I'm taking transit because I work in the inner-city and it's a no-brainer. This reduces my reliance on fossil fuels and I reduce my expenses by not having to pay for parking, fuel nor car maintenance. I can use what I save to donate to the food bank each month and buy peanuts for the birds.

Everyday is a Beautiful Day

The building welcome-officer was surprised when I greeted her with a "Good morning" one day. It was the first snowfall and I said "Good morning" and she said, "What's good about it?" I said the snow looks beautiful on the trees. These days she says "Good morning" to me even if I think she's busy working on something else.

I was talking to my hygienist and she was initially down because her assistant wasn't in. Then she said, "No it's a great day." That's the attitude! During my cleaning, I told her I was asking my spirit guides (LOL, my guide likes this story) whether I should take the CT3 rinse treatment at the end of my session. My guides showed me the CT3 bottle on the left of a cart path and nature (grass and trees) on the right. I expected the cart to turn left or right, but it kept going straight then stopped at a sign that read "Make your own decision." When my hygienist paused, I asked her if she wanted to hear a story and she said, "Sure." I told her about the cart and she replied, "You can't take the treatment all the time. I thought you meant for next time." I told her, "I guess I should have just asked you if I had to make the decision." What's great about this visit was that at the end she thanked me and said, "Maybe I should talk to my spirit guides" and gave me a hug.

My guides likes the story :) It's 10:44am.

Try Talking to Your Guides

In summary, I recommend everyone communicate with their benevolent spirit guides. This may take different forms for you, but for me it's just two beings having a chat. You'll be using your heart/ feelings more for discernment; It's all good stuff. My meditations have changed from vivid journeys to just a chat.

When I started, I did the following:

  1. Write down what kind of person you want to be. This is helpful for discernment.

  2. Mediate with a bubble surrounding you that protects you such that it only allows in that which is for your highest good.

  3. Set the intention for your benevolent spirit guides to show you something on your path. You may imagine walking in a grassy field and just interact with anything that strikes your attention.

  4. Don't quit trying. This is not instant pudding.

  5. Discern what information and recommendations you are getting. They are only recommendation and you don't have to do anything that doesn't resonate with the kind of person you want to be.

  6. Revoke anything that doesn't resonate with you.

Know that you are all Gods and Goddesses, healers, creators and everyone has spirit guides. It really doesn't get better than that... or does it? I'll find out in 2020.

[Guide] It gets better ;)
[Jason] Of course :) (11:41am)


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