Advanced Meditation, Seeing things, Tingles

So you've started meditating and want to take the next step. You can meditate longer to get more benefit. There are different breathing techniques you can use. Set an intent for each meditation session. You may have started seeing colours, lights or sacred geometry. If you can feel energy moving around your body, it's probably happening all day but you are just to busy to notice.

Lets start with meditating longer. I would recommend 30 to 60 minutes. You'll know when you're done as you just won't be able to stay in the zone and are getting distracted. Binaural beats, with headphones, will help get into the meditation zone faster and stay there rather than falling asleep. You need to use headphones because each ear is hearing a different frequency which is interpreted by the brain as the correct frequency. I don't recommend using binaural beats all the time as it may become a distraction or you may be reliant upon it. You can achieve the same results through focused breathing in time. With practice, you'll be able to reach a deep meditative very quickly.


How you breath can have a profound affect on how you feel. Try to breathe using your diaphragm rather than your chest to allow you to get a full breath. Short breaths that are not full, make the body think it's starved of oxygen and causes stress. A single deep breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth will center your physical, emotional and energetic bodies. You may feel tingling as you do this. This is perfect to start a meditation. You may try this in the middle of a meditation session if your concentration drifted. During the meditation I use slow breathing, breath in for 4 seconds out for 4 seconds. You can also count your breaths to numb the mind. Count 1 for an inhale and 2 for the exhale. Continue up to 10 then start back at 1. If you count passed 10, you know you've lost focus.

A single deep breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth will center your physical, emotional and energetic bodies.


I could write a separate article on intent, and I probably will. By setting your intent, it gives direction to your manifestations and helps set your vibration to your goal. Some intentions you might try are:

  • See something on your path.

  • Connect with your spirit guides.

  • Connect with your higher self.

  • Open your 3rd eye.

I'm Seeing Things

You're in deep meditation and starting to see things: The last two, sacred geometry and visions can occur anytime and is a result of your 'clair' powers activating.

  • Colours - They could be colour of the charkas that are being healed: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and voilet.

  • Flickering lights like a movie reel has reached the end of the film - These are distracting and can stop your meditation, try to keep them from bother you. I believe this is a method of programming, like light language, as it bypasses thought.

  • Flashes of light in the corner of your vision - Some say these are spirits.

  • Sacred geometry - I rarely see this.

  • If you start seeing landscapes - take a walk into the vision!


You may experience tingles or energy activating in the feet, hands or all over your body. This is the transfer of energy, since we are energy beings after all. I won't go further into it here, but we are energy beings first and our energetic body manifests our physical body. Tingles between the eyes, on the forehead, is the 3rd eye activating. Tingles in the feet, I believe, is an energy transfer with Gaia (Earth). Often, I'll get tingles as well as clairaudient messages as if it's a signal to pay attention.


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