The Arcturian Council

I had this great experience with the Arcturian Council and was guided to share it. The Arcturian Council always speaks of working with us while we're sleeping, but I communicated with them during one of my meditative journeys. The topic was about a misunderstanding I had with one of their channelings by Daniel Scranton and they wanted to clear it up.

I tried searching for the channelings that I remember hearing, but I can't find them. At least I know what happened during my journeys because I transcribed them.

Links are provided at the end of the article.

NB: Always narrate and record your journeys. I find that my guides will say things that may not react with me during the journey, but during transcription, things can come up for purging or discussion with your guides.


  1. I listened to an Arcturian Council channeling by Daniel Scranton and was saddened by an issue they brought up.

  2. In a meditative journey I had on April 11, my guide was acting strange asking me not to put anything down and just had me journeying in a void.

  3. A cloud appeared as the Arcturian Council. We spoke and they cleared up the issue.

  4. I remember the next Arcturian Council channeling by Daniel on April 12 clarified the issue for everyone

Excerpt from my Meditative Journey on April 11th

Always do your protection before meditation. See my Meditation page for more information, it's just visualization.

  • Jason: Now we're running in a void. (or are we?)

    Guide: I'm going to let you have a journey today.
    You can do whatever you want, but don't put anything down.
    Jason: We're going to journey in the void?
    Guide: Just start.
    Don't put a mountain down.

    Guide: Try to keep your eyes closed.

    Jason: So, I can put stuff down?
    Guide: No.

    Guide: Start walking, but don't put anything down.

    Jason: A booth appears to my left.
    Guide: Don't put anything down.
    Jason: It was just there, but .. it looks empty.
    Guide: I emptied it.

    Jason: No matter, I thought it had something in it.
    Guide: Just walk and don't put anything down.
    You can be in the void.
    Jason: I guess you're in the void.

    (laugh, hilarious)
    [ Cut the next scene ]

    [Guide #2] Arrives in a flying saucer.
    Guide: How do you know it's [Guide #2]?
    [Guide #2] Hop in.
    Jason: I don't need to use a flying saucer.
    [Guide #2] Goes away.
    Guide: Reminds me not to enter any vehicles as it could be construed as consent.
    Jason: I say the Dreamtime revocations provided by Chris Jacobs from The Lifting, with my own changes.

    I revoke all ties, bindings, contracts, agreements made with malevolent beings during dreamtime.
    I revoke all ties, bindings, contracts, agreements made that are not for my highest good.

    Guide: Ok, keep walking.

    Jason: (yawn) My throat was getting kind of hoarse.
    Guide: Yeah, you haven't been waking up every hour to drink.
    Jason: At least I wasn't dehydrated this morning.
    Guide: Are you journeying or are we just chatting?
    Jason: Well, it's a void, aren't we doing both?

    I think there is a scoop or something behind me that wants me to walk faster.

    [Guide] left me but wants me to keep walking.

    I put down a stream and [Guide] says, …
    Guide: Don't put anything down.

    Jason: I was just checking if [Guide] was still around.

    I was thinking I want to talk to the Arcturian Council.
    (11:11 into the journey)

    So, in front of me is a cloud that I ask, …
    Jason: Are you the Arcturian Council?
    Council: Yes. (in an Arcturian kind of voice)

    Jason: I tell them I listen to their channeling through Daniel Scranton each day.
    Yesterday they were talking about letting go and you don't need to have a job.
    Council: We didn't say you didn't need to have a job.
    You just don't need to focus on it and give it all your attention.

    If you could have time for enlightenment again, that would be nice.

    Jason: I just did this... This week for a job interview.
    Council: We know.
    Jason, we know how you feel when you program.
    You're not in a meditative state, but you're definitely in a happy state.

    Jason: I ask him about Everyone Has Food.
    Council: Don't worry, everyone is going to have food.
    Jason: Is there anything else you'd like to tell me.
    Council: Jason, do you really think you're speaking with the Arcturian Council?
    Jason: Yes. (I said "Yes" before I even said it)


    Council: Jason, don't worry you'll do fine.
    Now you can go have an apple.
    Jason: Did [Guide] put you up to that?
    Council: We know everything.
    Jason: I thank them for their time.
    Council: Jason, there is no time, but we know what you mean.

    Jason: I thank the Arcturian Council because I'm starting to fall asleep.
    Council: See ya later, Jason.

The Following Day

The Arcturian Council appeared in a meditative journey I had the following day. This journey brings up issues of Quantum threads, timelines and shows just having fun with your guides and other benevolent beings.

  • Guide: What do you want to do today?
    I know I say that all the time, but I'm not going to change it up.
    Like you made Arcturian Council change their introduction up.

    Jason: We're just talking right now.
    I'm going to go pet the dogs.
    Guide: Why do you pet the dogs?
    Jason: Because I like to see them.
    Guide: You know they're not real.


    Jason: Real is kind of a .. hmm .. complicated word these days.
    Guide: Yeah, it's kind of a complicated word.

    I got a cloud saying it's the Arcturian Council.
    Council: We just wanted to say that [Guide] put us up to this.
    Jason: (laughing)
    Council: Everything will be just fine.
    Council: Except for one thing, you have to sell that car.
    Jason: (laughing)
    Council: Wink ;)
    Jason: Oh, that was funny!
    You know I'll sell it when there's no room to put it anywhere.
    Council: You can do what you want with the car.
    Don't let [Guide] talk you into anything.
    Jason: I have my own discernment.
    Council: Do you think you're talking with the Arcturian Council right now?
    Jason: Yes.
    Council: Why would you think that?
    Jason: Because I know it's you.
    My heart know's it' you.
    Council: You you say it's just a knowing.
    Jason: Yeah.


    Council: If we move over here, is it still us?
    Jason: Yes.

    Guide: Jason, it's not the Arcturian Council.
    Jason: I check for Quantum threads and I don't see any, so...
    Guide: If there are no Quantum threads then how can you be talking to them?
    Jason: I just learned about Quantum threads and so...
    I'll keep my ears open for more information.


    Jason: I ask the Arcturian Council about what Quantum threads are for, ...
    Council: Whoops, we gotta go!

    (They said that like they have something on the stove or something)

    Council: Hey, we can have fun too.
    Jason: I don't doubt that.


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