You are Perfect

You are a creator being, you manifest your reality and you are perfect. It's true.

We're magical beings. We create; We lead -- Cafe Vienna

I've included an article from Sharon Stewart in it's entirety from You can read it here, or from her website, a clickable link is at the bottom of the page. It's just that important to understand you are more than 3D.

Ivo of Vega - What if You Were Perfect? Finding Fault and the Blame Game

What If You Saw Yourself As Perfect?

Sharon: I remember seeing a meme that stated, “God doesn't make junk.” Imagine when you go out into nature it all looks so perfect. Perfectly beautiful, water flowing perfectly (except when we tinker with its flow), birds looking perfect, flying in perfect V formation, doing what they're supposed to be doing every day.... animals doing what they're supposed to be doing every day. And once when I watched a video on what happened to the ecology of one of America's national parks when the wolf population was culled, and then reintroduced with some Canadian wolf stock, how this ecology re-balanced itself and sprang back to life again. Taking out just one part of the chain imbalanced the entire ecology of that park. Reintroducing it fixed the problem and re-created perfection.

We are part of the chain too. And we've been taken out.

Ivo was telling us in another video about “Controlling, Not Caring,” that we are perfect. The only reason we don't think so is because our frequency is too low. So we see ourselves as flawed.
Think about it. What if you weren't flawed? What if you didn't see yourself as flawed? What if you stopped calling yourself some of the many insults that you call yourself every day? An asshole, fat, skinny, ugly, stupid, useless, effed up, weird, strange, a misfit, good for nothing... whatever it is you call yourself. What if you realized that you're perfect and you can stop insulting yourself? And that insulting yourself is only hiding that perfection from you?

Ivo said you've learned to see yourself as flawed because you live in the Matrix and that's what the matrix teaches you. Suffice it to say, there is someone who wants you to believe in your own imperfection. Why? Because there's an agenda and that agenda is that you're more easily controlled that way. That's the reason. If you understood your perfection, if you saw yourself in God's eyes and not in your own, you'd understand that you are omnificent, magnificent, all powerful, all loving, and a being of this universe, not just of this world, not only of 525 Redbrick Lane, Someplace, USA. You'd know you own everything, not just your little patch of land on Redbrick Lane. You wouldn't need to feel secure by buying a house, because your home is everywhere.

You'd understand that your consciousness is part of all that is. You'd understand yourself to be a steward of this galaxy because you were born here.

But on a more practical, daily level, Ivo, how would that look?

Ivo: You would realize that you could never get sick, or be in pain. You would realize that you do not have to wear make-up. You would realize that what you put in, on or around your body either do great good or very much harm to you. Yes, your environment does not support the true human that you are, and this is also by design, so when living in it you are taken off balance and you suffer.

The incarnated human requires a supportive environment. You do not have this now, not by any stretch of the imagination. The fact that we require a balanced supportive environment is not a fault – it is a given anywhere else in the galaxy but not on earth. You see many things as faults (he was reading my mind) when in fact they are not faults. They are the norm anywhere else. The fact that you see your needing a perfect environment to thrive as a fault of yours is your own faulty thinking. It is very difficult to see perfection when your mind is actively assigning fault and blame, yes, blame, to yourself and all other humans. You say that humans have needs. No, not really. We created a perfect universe that reflects our own perfection. Would that not be normal then? As you are now creating a world that reflects your own collective mindset of imperfection, we all have created a universe that reflects our own perfection.

That is why the liberation of planet earth is now ongoing, because the dark ones are threatening not only your world and your lives, but they are threatening the lives of all others within the galaxy as well as their desire is to change that norm in the galaxy and to throw it off balance.

If you did not have the mindset of seeing fault and wanting to assign blame, you would know you could never be sick. You believe you can become sick, so in fact you do. You would also not believe that you could be harmed. Yes. Your television puts up so many movies of horrible death coming to some, and television shows of hurt, pain and fear being broadcast to you. This is also propaganda that is impossible if you do not believe it to be true. You are being fed a pack of lies, and this is one of them that the dark ones wish you to believe – that they can harm you. That there is evil. Yes, there is evil, those who have fallen off the soul matrix are evil, however they can only harm you if you allow them to. Why? Why can they not harm you? Do you believe that those who have fallen off the soul matrix and who have no personal power to exist without parasiting energy from other sources are powerful? If you believe they have power, if you believe that evil will reign on earth any longer, than you do not understand true power. True power is those who are on the soul matrix, and that is you, but because you believe you are powerless, you believe that your leaders are powerful. They have tricked you because your leaders, in their true forms, are parasitic beings. They are parasites. They require your energy to live. That is how disempowered they are. You are the true power on earth. That is why we relay these messages – to wake you up to that fact.
You are all on a path of correcting these misconceptions you have been taught. All of you. Some faster, some more slowly, but they are all misperceptions. To perceive is to see, to believe. You all suffer from erroneous beliefs. You believe you are flawed.

It is known that the secret societies have access to the bulk of alchemical and esoteric information and they will not reveal this information to the public. So St Germain and El Morya, among others of the Great White Brotherhood, which makes no reference to skin colour – El Morya is an East Indian soul – it makes reference to the divine white light when it refers to white, have made available to the public through contacts and channelers, the information which would be beneficial to you at this point in your consciousness level. Some have gravitated to it, others have not and remain unaware. This is due to your inner guidance. Which is another reason you are great, magnificent beings – because you are not just one person but have the guidance and assistance of many in God's kingdom as you go through your daily affairs. To leave a being who believes themselves to be flawed without assistance as they go through a life in the depths of a perpetual hell, would be unwise of us to say the least, because each of you plays such a pivotal part in the upholding of this perfect reality we have created together.

Sharon has learned today another thing we had spoken to her before and since photon energies are increasing she looks at the meme ruefully, however the meme is correct. It says, “Your path is more difficult because your calling is higher,” and this is true. Sharon has had a very difficult road to travel alone, where people who were intended to be there for love and guidance were her worst enemies. She has suffered betrayal, abandonment, harassment, murder attempts, rape of her soul and yet she can still forgive her elders now. As we pointed out in the last video, she was left on her own by those she felt should help her, not realizing that she was on a spiritual path of much growth and her family stood by and did not help her because they could not. This was understood at a higher level, not the physical level. The only one who could have been of any help to you at that point in time was your earth father and you refused to have anything to do with him. You had walked away. He was the only one who could have helped you through “Dark Night of the Soul,” but you refused him.

Sharon: See? You look back through your life with the help of guidance and it makes sense.

Ivo: I might also point out, my love, that the only time you suffer is when your frequency is down. You are not spiteful or regretting of your path when your frequency is up, so the problem is not your life's path – the problem is your frequency.

Sharon: Yes.

Ivo: And I might add, that is everyone's problem. Once the frequency is raised, you are capable of seeing all in a different Light, and that is a fact and the truth. Does that not, in itself, speak of the wonderment of who you truly are? To do a meditation, and to re-balance the chakras will completely change your outlook on life? You have that power. Is this not incredible yet you all do it all the time? That is the wonderment of being a human. You are an emotional alchemist.

Ivo: Your language : having needs, supporting you, all suggest you are flawed. Do you see where these words are coming from? From a place of lack. You have needs, so this indicates that there is a chance your true needs are not being met. Oh yes, they are. If your physical needs are not being met, this is your task. When you step into your power, your needs are more easily met. When you see yourself as powerless and incapable of meeting your own needs, or dependent on others to do so, then you are coming from a place of lack.
If you did not have the mindset of seeing fault and wanting to assign blame, you would know you could never be sick. You believe you can become sick, so in fact you do. What do you do when you become ill? You go to the doctor's. You must realize that all of these facets of your society are put into place in order to trigger off your need to blame and to see fault. When you continue to engage in your society in the way you have always been taught, you continue to interact with it the way you have learned. The point is to remove yourself from society. You go to the doctor's for example. Sharon's last was a bladder infection. She went in and gave a sample which was analyzed in the office and he said indeed she had an intense infection and issued her antibiotics. She took them and was relieved of the infection almost instantaneously. She had tried garlic and cranberry juice but to no avail so she resorted to going to the doctor finally.

Sharon: Which I do as a last resort. Usually I ask you to fix it first.

Ivo: That time you went to the doctor and gave him top marks for the good work he did. Other times you have not been so forgiving.

Sharon: They couldn't figure out I had fibro. I had to do that. My one doctor, when I said I thought I had it, said, “Oh! You don't want that!” Well, I don't want to pay taxes either, but y'know some things just happen.

Ivo: They do not happen, my love. They are created. And you created the fibro.

Sharon: Yes, now I have to heal it.

Ivo: Exactly, and because you get no help from western doctors you do it yourself.

Sharon: True.

Ivo: The first thing is to believe you are perfect and can heal yourself.

Sharon: Which I've done before with smaller things.

I think this is going to be a long video and we're going to have to split it up. Ivo has a lot of points to make.

Ivo: Understand that all is supplied to you, created by you, in the Matrix to keep your Matrix mind trapped and under their control. All of it. Including doctors who have inadequate resources to heal you, and a desire to earn a lot of money and to lead a good lifestyle outside of their long hours of work. Do you see the conflict here? They do not even study vitamin therapy. When you come in with a condition brought about by vitamin deficiency, they have drugs to prescribe you. There are not many doctors who will say, “You are low in vitamins.” For depression, they do not cite the society you live in as the cause, they do not prescribe a good B vitamin regime and the withdrawal of sugar and carbohydrates from your diet. They give you antidepressants. So you will continue to be depressed and require these drugs until they stop working.

Sharon: Yes, they do stop working. I got myself off of them too. I watched the first doctor who took me off of them and how he did it, and then just mimicked that the next time I wanted to go off them. LOL

Ivo: Self doctoring.

Sharon: Do you see me depressed now? It's even winter and I'm not so depressed. I watch for incoming energies because that knocks me for a loop, and I stay off of sugar to the best of my ability. Guess what? No depression. I take amino acids as well.

Oh yeah, that's another thing. Why do you think you can't get Tryptophan in the U.S.? Because it would rival antidepressants as a cure for depression and they make too much money off of it. The story goes there was one bad batch of tryptophan that came in from Japan and people got sick off it. They isolated the batch and removed it from the shelves. Problem solved. But then they banned all of it from being sold in the States. I smell a rat. Something fishy about that. You can still buy it in Canada.

Ivo: I say to you all, you are all in the finding fault and assigning blame game. Look at it as a game. Sharon had her leeks stolen from her garden. She does not like thieves. She asserted herself with her neighbours but harboured unforgiveness for a long time. Why? Because she was stuck in the blame game. Guilt being the next step of the game. Seeing fault, assigning blame, and finding guilty parties. Your legal system works that way as well. Why do you think that is?

When you are forgiving of all, you are in the correct state of mind. Why? Because you do not play the blame game.

The Deep State and dark plantetary controllers brought the blame game to your planet. They believe this is the truth themselves, and so you can see that this is a very low vibrational state of mind. To assign fault and guilt to others is of low frequency. And they have taught you to be this way now. Earth was a planet of duality in the third dimension, and because it was a free will planet, it was desirable for these beings to overtake it. With free will, that meant they could train you to be as unloving as they are. With being a dualistic planet, that meant that negativity could survive if not thrive here. They used your minds to create the hell that many live in now.
Some have escaped from this hell, and I am schooling you in this now. See others with forgiveness. Forgive yourself for ever believing in the blame game. See all as just being, do not assign negativity games to it.

The blame game is one such game. There are others.

Assigning negativity must stop because there is no negativity in the fifth dimension, only love. So assign love to yourself and others.

Sharon: How else do we do that? And what does this have to do with seeing yourself as perfect?

Ivo: If you saw yourself as perfect, if you stopped blaming yourself, finding fault with yourself and simply focused on raising your vibration you would understand you were perfect.

Sharon: Yeah but, Ivo, to raise your frequency you have to stop all dualistic behaviours.

Ivo: Therein lies the rub, my dear.

Sharon: So you have to keep looking at what you're doing wrong.

Ivo: No, my love, you have to understand when your frequency is too low to be able to express your perfect God self. There is nothing wrong with what you are doing.

Sharon: Getting out of bed in a bad mood and being pissed off with the world isn't wrong?

Ivo: It is not, my love. It is indicative your frequency is too low.

Sharon: What am I doing at night time that lowers my frequency?

Ivo: You are transmuting much of earth's negative energy. You are working on selected spots around the world and working to raise the Light on that part of the world. If that is doing something wrong, then you must forgive us as well because we ask you to do it.

Sharon: Oh.

Ivo: So you see, my love, you need more Light. Light is information. You need to know more so you can get over your learned ignorance and understand your divine role in all of this. It is not about being bad, being wrong, being flawed. You took on the misunderstandings of your adopted planet in order to change them. If that is being wrong, then we are in the wrong as well.

Sharon: Oh. I stand corrected.

Ivo: You are now informed. You are not corrected. Do you see how your blame/shame/punish game is playing a toll on your mind?

Sharon: Yes.

Ivo: You have heard that the people on earth are “doing the best that they can.” They are not. They are perfect, all of them. They are all playing a part in the enlightenment of others upon earth. If you all forgave each other your perceived wrongs, you would all rise to the fifth dimension. But you play the blame game. Blame/shame/punish or Seeing Fault/Assigning Blame/Finding Guilty Parties. All types of the blame game.

You see the blame game going on now between the U.S. Democrats and the Republicans. Trump attempts to defend himself to the public while the Democrats go on the slaughter. Do you see where you learn it from?

Where you learn to be a victim? Where you learn to be a perpetrator? Both these parties are waiting for you to rescue them. You hold the power. Americans are forced to play the blame game. But your world will move past this as eventually ALL will begin to stop assigning faults to themselves and others. In so doing, your world will more begin to reflect the perfection that was intended.

Sharon: So how else do we see ourselves as imperfect? How can we correct that?

Ivo: Forgiveness corrects everything. When you see yourself as “too fat,” forgive yourself. You got that way because you learned that you were not perfect, which is a lie.
Any human who does not see what a marvel of creation they are every day feels they are imperfect. Once you accept your perfection, your chakras will balance. You will rise in frequency and you will go to the fifth dimension.

Beware of demanding to see yourself as perfect now because you will be shown how you continually see fault within yourself and within the system. And it could be a crash course. So be careful. Ask to be shown at a pace you can manage.

Sharon: Yes, that happens because higher dimensions work more quickly than we do because they vibrate faster. When they download information to us it sometimes is at a rate much faster than we can assimilate.

So we have to keep getting the lesson over and over again so we can move more slowly through it. That's why we make progress in learning our life's lessons, having to loop through them over and over until we learn enough to move away from the loop. I guess when our frequency speeds up, we can go through our lessons faster and learn more in a lifetime, then retain that wisdom.

Ivo: Plus you retain the wisdom learned from previous lifetimes. On earth, behind the veil, you went in cold.

Sharon: Yes.

Ivo: We would not send any but the strongest of souls to do this, and then expect them to break through the un-reality they are jailed in. But you have done it.

Sharon: Yes. And I get told I'm a fearful person, that my energy resonates with fear. LOL

Ivo: I doubt that, my love. This is Narcissus, looking into his reflection.

Sharon: Truth.

Ivo: An exercise for all of you today is to see yourself as perfect. To see others as perfect. To stop assigning fault and blame to them. With the exception of the Deep State, they are the creators of this ruse and they will die by the same sword they lived by and deceived you into carrying for them.

When you think how irritating your neighbours are, ask yourself, “What if they were perfect?” Ask yourself, “What is it about me that I wrongly perceive to be faulty?” I am perfect, so to see fault in myself is indicative that I
have been deceived. What is it that I wrongly perceive about myself?

Sharon: I think arrogant people are annoying.

Ivo: Aha. So you see the limitation, the fault that you have placed upon yourself that keeps your vibration down?

Sharon: So I can love arrogant people?

Ivo: You can love anyone. You are love, so how can you not love others? You are disconnected from yourself through false beliefs – through the Matrix beliefs. The matrix says people are flawed. No, they are perfect. I remember a time when you were very attracted to arrogant men.

Sharon: I was.

Ivo: This is indicative that at that time, you could love anybody. You had to learn to love your father.

Sharon: I don't know if I'd call that love.

Ivo: You love him now.

Sharon: I do. I think I was in a dance with this one narcissist I'm thinking of. He's so great and I'm so flawed. He has the power and I don't. I think our relationship bears witness to that.

Ivo: Yes. But you adored him. You also adored your younger brother.

Sharon: Yes.

Ivo: The point is, you do all the therapy and work on yourself to realize that you were always perfect. You just had so many false ideas in the way, that you could not see that.

Sharon: Kind of an oxy-moron.

Ivo: A paradox, to say the least.

Ask yourself, “What is stopping me from seeing my perfection today?” Raise your frequency above its influence and you will see that it does not have a hold on you any longer.

Sharon: So if I think I'm, let's see, bitchy and I change my frequency I'm not going to be bitchy anymore.

Ivo: Correct. Then you cannot call yourself bitchy and you must realize that to call yourself these things are not the truth. You are perfect. You must lose your limitations to enter the fifth dimension.

Understand as well, you all take on your parents' karma through the system that you live in. Whatever faults your parents believe themselves to have, get passed on to you. So to look at your parents' example is often easier to see the fault within yourself.

To assign yourself these labels is folly, because for one reason, they stick and the more you call yourself these things, the more you project these flaws into the future. To say, “I am bitchy,” sets you up for a bad day tomorrow. Say you are perfect.

You define yourself with these labels and they create a poor self image and lower your frequency. Then you play right into the hands of the deep state and the Matrix.

Life is not what you were told it was, not by any stretch of the imagination. Would God set you up to live in such an imperfect world? The world you created is one of your own belief, and those who prompted you to create it God wishes to have expunged from your soil and your minds. That is how God cares about his own.

Sharon: Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: My love, be perfect today. See yourself as perfect and when conflicting thoughts come up, pay them no heed. Do not get big headed otherwise you will have to acknowledge arrogance in your false system of beliefs. Being perfect and being arrogant are polar opposites.


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That’s right, we manifest our reality and that includes the weather. It’s been forecasted to be hot this week and the next — too hot for me, so I’m setting my intention for a high of 27C.

We can a...

An open letter »

To whom it may concern,

Let me begin by saying, you manifest your reality. You can choose to be healthy or have any experience you want. I choose to be sovereign and do not consent to the dark's pl...

What you are thinking matters »

...because you manifest your reality. In 2018, I had my awakening that we're more than just the 3D experience. I connected with my spirit guides and other beings. I follow my heart instead of my head....

Be the Light, because you are meant to be Happy »

They say the truth is stranger than fiction and it's true. Remember the Matrix movie where we were told "all this is to make the human into a battery"? Well it's true, but we're powering entities that...

Your Thoughts may not be Your Own »

Did you know the human race is peaceful by nature? Have you checked-in with your heart to see what you're feeling before you react to a situation? It's ok if these concepts are new to you; We've been ...

Your Shift from 3D to 5D »

You can make the shift to 5D whenever you're ready. You don't have to wait for anything external from yourself. As source-energy creator beings, we manifest everything -- our vibration attracts experi...

You Manifest Your Reality; The 5D Experience »

You have the last say in what experience you'd like to have. The system would like you to stay in 3D, with blinders on to the fact that we're multi-dimensional. We are the super-heros in the super-her...

Meditation for Western US »

The medication for Victoria, AU worked and the government is being sued for the level 4 lock down. Sharon has asked to spread the message to meditate on rain for the west coast of the USA to put out t...

Meditation for Victoria, AU »

With the loss of the high-vibrational trees and animals, Victoria, AU was able to be brought to low vibration and they're now under Stage 4 restrictions. Sharon and Ivo of Implant Communications are a...

Self-healing 101 »

I had all these ideas, but I pause. My guide says just start writing :) I have a friend that needs some help with self-healing so I figured I'd write an article about it. Yesterday I wrote about your ...

You are Multidimensional »

I think about writing this article and discuss it with my guide. It's 5:55am. You are here for an experience, if you would like to stay in the "physical" realm, that's ok but you're missing out on the...

Covid Plus Love Equals Health »

Michi from the Emoto Peace Project does some research on the effect of showing Covid to water and has some very telling results. Covid is neither good nor bad, it's the intention we place on it that d...

The Discourse - With Jill Cole and Alba Weinman »

This is a 12 part series that is a message that Jill's spirit team would like to give to humanity on Earth. The questions are compiled by Jill using automatic writing before the hypnosis session and A...

A Gift from a Bird »

A couple of weeks ago I saw some larger birds playing/moving a rock I had on my garbage-area lid. We have recyclable bins now, so it's a good place to put food to separate the animals so all can eat a...

Self Examination »

I choose to only share messages of empowerment and this "chat" session between Jill Cole's guides and Alba's guides is worth a listen. The message goes right along with my recent podcast -- take back ...

The Awakening »

What does it mean to awaken? It's the realization you are a multi-dimensional being, full of energy, love and light and you manifest your reality. We have free-will, so you can choose to not have that...

My Mother Healed Her Arthritis in 2 Days »

When talking to my mother, she kept saying she was in pain. I told her to send love and healing to the areas that are causing her problems. Say, "I thank you for the experience, but I no longer need t...

Thoughts are Things »

I had this amazing experience solving a problem with my imagination. First let me explain the power of your imagination and thought. What you're thinking may not be coming from you. Thoughts can be im...

The Time of Separation is Over »

As I start to write this article, I get the message to use the "Publish on Date" feature and I laugh. Maybe that's a good way to start this article -- If you want change you have to change yourself an...

I wrote a book! »

I'm all about connecting to your spirit guides and love & hugs, so I wrote a book! I'm providing the information freely on how to connect to your spirit guides, just read my Meditation and C...

How is your day? Podcast »

Welcome to my new podcast! I haven't posted in awhile, but that doesn't mean there is anything interesting happening. Everyday is still awesome. Spring is here and the birds love the seed I put out mu...

We All Have the Power to Heal Ourselves »

In this time of need I wanted to share a message of hope: Everything can be healing if you put that intention to it. If you are feeling angry or fear of something, change it around and thank it for pr...

The Answer is Love and Hugs; TLDR »

I'm wondering how to start this article and figure I'll just start writing and what comes out is the correct message. I look at the clock and it's 8:54:44am. This message is just in time for Family Da...

Conscious Breathing - Physical Proof You're an Energetic Being »

I was at work having lunch. The computer in the lunch/meeting room was on and no one was playing anything so I thought I would show a couple of co-workers what it's like to communicate with one's spir...

Judgement and Gratitude »

I was going to write two articles on these topics, but they relate to each other because instead of judging you should be grateful for the thing that is triggering you; Let me explain.

Judgement i...

A Year Awakened »

My guide reads the title and says, "This should be good" and I laugh. I'm sitting listening to Christmas music and skip any song that doesn't resonate. I suppose that's the point, follow your own path...

I am Love, Nothing can hurt me »

I've said before, on my Meditation page that dreams are an important part of you and you should take the time to record them. They are an extension of your subconscious trying to tell you something or...

An Afternoon 5D Chat about the Sun, DNA and More »

This is a 5D chat and not your normal chat because I talk with my guides, the plants, Pleiadeans, Arcturians and the Sun! Yes, you can talk with planets as we're all consciousness.

I have this exp...

Doctors are for Broken Bones Not Healing »

I was on the bus and overheard two students talking of not taking their ADD, ADHD medicine. I was thinking on how I could tell them they're infinite consciousness and source energy creator beings - th...

Help when Overwhelmed, Psychic Attacks »

I have this story of meeting someone on the commuter train that needed some guidance. It got me to thinking of my "experience" and that sometimes things may not be the blissful expansion you're lookin...

A Message from Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip »

To celebrate my awakening, Gord Downie wanted me to post a journey I did with him just before I started working on the website. This one is special because it's the first time I aske...

The Arcturian Council »

I had this great experience with the Arcturian Council and was guided to share it. The Arcturian Council always speaks of working with us while we're sleeping, but I communicated with them during one...

A Conversation with Archangel Metatron »

Here is another guided article that shows that we are multidimensional beings and you can get guidance from within if you just ignore your ego for a moment. In the case of Nilesh, he is a fractal of ...

Can a Blind Person See Using Their 3rd Eye? »

While discussing colour and whether you could explain colour to a blind person, I thought: What if the the blind person just used their 3rd eye to see? It seems I'm not the first to think of this as ...

Quantum Physics and our Ascension »

I'd like to present a few links between Quantum Physics and our Ascension. I'm not a physicist, but I can put 2 and 2 together. I'll show links between Quantum Entanglement, Unified Field Theory and t...

Connect with your Spirit Guides »

There are an infinite number of ways for spirit guides to reveal themselves or communicate messages. They can be a person an animal or whatever you want. Spirit guides will only present themselves in ...

How to Manifest Your Reality »

What if I said you could manifest health, peace and abundance? Would that get your attention? Most of the information, I've seen on the internet, regarding manifesting has to do with money. People fee...

The Gift of Love »

Love creates beauty.
Love someone for Christmas.
Just be yourself and start with loving yourself today.

Advanced Meditation, Seeing things, Tingles »

So you've started meditating and want to take the next step. You can meditate longer to get more benefit. There are different breathing techniques you can use. Set an intent for each meditation sess...