An Afternoon 5D Chat about the Sun, DNA and More

This is a 5D chat and not your normal chat because I talk with my guides, the plants, Pleiadeans, Arcturians and the Sun! Yes, you can talk with planets as we're all consciousness.

I have this experience when looking directly at the Sun where a tunnel forms between us. Clouds, trees and such disappear and it's a beautiful sky within the tunnel. After a few seconds a ring appears around the Sun that looks like a data-transmission, so I wanted to find out what that was. Why not go within? Right?

Furthermore, I started out asking questions on my journeys and found that recently I haven't been doing that. (See my Connect with your Spirit Guides article) I have also felt like connecting with the Pleiadean's recently, so why not include them in my chat.

I have to learn to keep asking questions. It seems like what they want (10:11.14) because I have to ask the questions before they'll answer.

NB: Always narrate and record your journeys. I find that my guides will say things that may not react with me during the journey, but during transcription, things can come up for purging or discussion with your guides.

Jason: Now, …
Guide: Go to sleep.
Jason: I want to ask a question.
Guide: Who do you want to ask?
Jason: I'll start with you.
Guide: Oh brother.
Jason: (chuckle)

Jason: Guide what's with the tunnel that I see when I look at the Sun?
Guide: You said yourself, it was a special connection.
Jason: Can you go into more detail?
Guide: No but Bob can.

Let's Start Off Asking the Plants

Jason: So I ask Bob, he is my plant at work. I guess my tree in my backyard as well. He's a sprout in the backyard that is 6ft tall. He's past the fence so maybe 5ft tall? He's tall. 6 feet.

So I ask the plants, do you have that special connection with the Sun as well?
Plants: Jason, we've always had a special connection with the Sun.
Jason: Do you see, like, a portal that is just between you and the Sun?
Plants: We can't see.
Jason: But that would mean that... Do you have the same growing on a cloudy day as on a sunny day?
Plants: I don't know what you mean.
Jason: Do you always feel the same amount of sun each day?
Plants: Yes.

Jason: Is there anything else you want to add?
Plants: Jason, we love you.
Jason: I love you guys too, and gals, and plants. I love you, plants, too.

Jason: I ask them how my squirrel is?
Plants: Squirrel thanks you for the nuts. (3:55.33)
Jason: Everyone is abundant.
Plants: Proceed onto the next person you're going to ask.

The Pleiadeans and the Arcturians

4:16 (11)
Jason: I have the Pleiadeans and the Arcturians here because I didn't know which to ask.
Pleiadean: You can start with Arcturus

I ask the Arcturian Council... (5:00.55) They say, ...
Arcturian: On the planet Arcturus.
Jason: Can you explain the special connection I have with my Sun? The Sun in the sky. (5:14.14)
Arcturian: You mean when you just look at it, there is a tunnel of blue. No clouds, no trees block your way?
Jason: Yeah.
Arcturian: We can't explain that.
Jason: Sure you can.
Arcturian: You'll have to ask someone else.
Jason: I thank them for their help today (chuckle)
Arcturian: No problem.

Jason: I ask the Pleiadean, to my right on the bench, can you explain the tunnel I see when I look at the Sun?
Pleiadean: Jason, we're healers. We can't explain that.
Jason: Did you activate my Pleiadean DNA?
Pleiadean: It was activated a long time ago.
Jason: Yeah, I asked for all my activations.
Pleiadean: It was nice talking to you, Jason. Do you want your eyes healed?
Jason: Is that something I can do myself?
Pleiadean: Yes.
Jason: Can you give me a pointer?
Pleiadean: Go within.
Jason: I thank them for their help today.

The Sun, Helios

I set the intention to talk with the Sun. It's Helios. It's a planet, but it has a hologram to look like the Sun.
Helios: Don't tell everyone.
Jason: I look behind the hologram and it's a green, lush planet. (8:33.39)

I ask, whats the connection between the Sun and myself when I look at it directly?
Helios: Your experience isn't what you think it is.
Jason: Can you elaborate?
Helios: Isn't it enough just knowing we're here for you?
Jason: That's awesome. I thank them for their contribution and they say...
Helios: Wait. Wait. Aren't you going to dig deeper?

Jason: I'm thinking, I have to learn to keep asking questions. It seems like what they want (10:11.14) because I have to ask the questions before they'll answer.

Can I ask you about free-energy?
Helios: What would you like to know?
Jason: I don't think that.. (I'm feeling warm right now) ..
Helios: That's because the furnace was just on.
Jason: (chuckle) I think it's more than that.
Helios: It's because you're getting sick.
Jason: I don't get sick. (11:04)
Helios: It's because you're processing energy. (11:11) Go on.

Jason: I don't believe solar power is the best source of free-energy because it's just like petroleum. You have to pay someone and make all this stuff [a substantial amount of solar panels for little return] and it takes up a lot of space.
Helios: It's good you added that it takes up a lot of space because even with zero-point energy you have to make something to get it. (12:02) The amount of space that zero-point energy takes up to create it is very small.
Jason: Like the size of a tea cup. (12:22)
Helios: Well, when you get there.

Jason: Has this conversation moved to free-energy?
Helios: Helios: We can talk about what you want.

Jason: Did you explain what the tunnel was that I see when I look at you?
Helios: It was just your intention to see the Sun, so you did.
Jason: Ok, it doesn't hurt my eyes when I'm in that mode, but after you've been in there for about 10 seconds this ring starts to appear around the Sun.
Helios: That's a transmission ring. You get downloads if you look at the Sun. (14:04)

Jason: It's probably better to look at the Sun in the morning and the evening when it's low, at the horizon.
Helios: It's best to do it like that.

Jason: Why don't I see the energy in the air?
Helios: Just be patient. (14:40)

Jason: Can we talk about free-energy? (14:47)
Helios: Free-energy or zero-point energy?
Jason: I'm working on magnetic energy right now. Do you have any pointers?
Helios: Try out the vaccum cleaner motor as a generator. You might get some ideas.
Jason: Can you help me with the vaccum cleaner motor energy?
Helios: That'll produce energy, of course. If you plug it in and it runs, then it should produce energy.

Jason: I thank them for their time.
Helios: You can talk with me anytime, Jason.

My Guides

Guide appears on my right on the bench in the void.
Guide: Are you done now?
Jason: Yeah, I'll probably take a nap.

[Meditative journey ends at 17:00]

Another guide recommended I transcribe this journey this morning and I can see why.
Guide: Now make an article.
Jason: I was.
Guide: Wink ;)


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Love creates beauty.
Love someone for Christmas.
Just be yourself and start with loving yourself today.

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