The Answer is Love and Hugs; TLDR

I'm wondering how to start this article and figure I'll just start writing and what comes out is the correct message. I look at the clock and it's 8:54:44am. This message is just in time for Family Day. I called this the TLDR article as well, because it'll include the important things to remember when you're having problems.

Take what Resonates with You

During lunch at work I tell my co-workers that I talk to my spirit guides as I start playing a Carolyn Zaiser YouTube video. The room clears pretty fast because the message has a vibration that they can't handle at that time. They only know they want to leave as the message doesn't fit in with anything they've heard before -- well except from me :)

A Recent Dream...

I was in the kitchen and this lady stands on the other side of the room. She has red eyes and maybe looked like a zombie. I walk toward her and say, "Do you want a hug?" She starts to walk away and the façade disappears and she nods, "Yes." I woke up immediately.

I wrote an article where I said, "I am love, nothing can hurt me" and just before this dream I set the intention to solve any problems with hugs -- and it came naturally because I think like that all the time.

This morning...

This morning I received a download and felt blissfully full of energy such that I sent bright white love to the Universe. I double-checked it was at the planet with the blue mountains and with my guide in Andromeda.

Guide: And you wonder why you're tired.
Jason: But I can do it.
Guide: Doesn't mean you should all the time.
(The numbers above were my Life Path and Destiny numbers)

I'm still feeling blissful, so I start a vision (imagine) where I go to the lady that posed with the red eyes in my dream and I give her a hug.

Lady: Jason, why are you doing this?
Jason: Everyone deserves a hug.
Lady: I'm your mother
Jason: I don't stop hugging her or react as it didn't resonate with me.

She lights up as bright as an angel and I feel the love - similar to when the collective known as Archangel Michael sent me love when I was journeying on whether to quit my job after 26 years. I felt the energy rush through my body and I cry with intense emotion -- then it disappears.

Guide: Are you going to feed the birds?

I roll over and it's 7:29am. I told my guide at 7:07am that I just wanted to go to bed until 7:30am :) Yes, your spirit guides are real.

What should you Remember?

  1. You are infinite consciousness having a personal experience

  2. You are a source energy creator being and you manifest your reality

  3. You are powerful; Look within for answers rather than relying on others

  4. You are love, nothing can hurt you

  5. Love and hugs are the answer

  6. When I say "You" this means "Everyone"

If you've made it this far, congratulations! Lets dig a little deeper into what those statements mean to me. You are infinite conscious means who you are is a spirit that has incarnated on Earth rather than some other planet in the Universe because it would provide you with an experience of learning. We are source energy creator beings and we manifest our reality. What you imagine you manifest -- wonder why we're told as kids "it isn't real, your just imagining it." Interesting, eh? Our imagination is powerful.

From those first two statements comes the obvious, "You are powerful." You may have heard stories of mediation groups stopping wars or conflicts for a treaty period. It's true and we can do more that that. During dreams, I've used the phrase "I am love, nothing can hurt me" to change the energy of a dream. It's empowering and I immediately wake up once I take over the dream.

"Love and hugs" is the answer because "love" gives others the choice to do what is right for them. Don't judge people or think you have the answers. Just send them love. Send the Earth and the collective love. As for hugs, well it benefits both people - we're all equal and a hug is equally nice for both parties involved :)

Now for the last item, "When I say You, this means Everyone." We are not alone and never have been. Your brother, sister, wife, husband, your neighbors are all having their own experience. We are equal. Your spirit could have incarnated on any planet in any universe in any person. It's just that things are pretty interesting on Earth these days.

9:43:33am - I guess that's good for now. When I start talking about spiritual things I have a lot to say.

Oh one last quote … I had this as my desktop wall paper on my computer at my old job and I would laugh when someone was angry...

If you are angry, know you're stupid -- Sadhguru

The quote means, you should be reflecting on what is making you angry and change yourself, not the other person. They are only showing "love in action." That driver that just cut you off? Send them love; They have someplace to go because they think it's that important.

For Family Day and the Children

What if you told your kids when they're acting up, that they're infinite consciousness and manifest their reality through imagination. Maybe they would spend some time imagining and talking to their spirit guides instead of being stuck to a gaming console just to "get them out of your hair." -- Yeah, I never understood why a parent would want to get away from their children. The future is being together, not being separate.

As a parent, you can imagine a protective white bubble around your child that will protect them such that it only allows that in which is for their highest good.

Ok, have a nice Family Day and remember to make everyday a Family Day -- with love and hugs, not buying stuff.

Guide: Print!
Jason: (chuckle)


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