Connect with your Spirit Guides

There are an infinite number of ways for spirit guides to reveal themselves or communicate messages. They can be a person an animal or whatever you want. Spirit guides will only present themselves in a way that is beneficial to you in the now. They will never appear in a form or communicate in a method that will scare you. You may get messages from them via your clair-abilities, dreams or while journeying. You may not realize you're communicating with a spirit guide -- see the Journey section below for an example of that.

Know Yourself, Know Who You Are Talking to

Your spirit guides can be your higher-self, oversoul group, galactic family, or other beings. Set rules on who you'll communicate with, for example, beings of love & light for you highest good. You have to be able to distinguish between your own thoughts/feelings and those of your spirit guides. When starting out you'll get thoughts and/or voices in your head that sound like your own voice. Once you're able to distinguish between your thoughts and those of someone else, you'll start to "hear" the thoughts and voice as another voice which makes it much easier to hold a conversation.

Know who you are and what your beliefs are. Write down your beliefs on a piece of paper. These can double as affirmations. Any thought that lowers your self-esteem or tries to make you do, think or say anything not within your beliefs should be questioned. These can be false thoughts. Once you recognize false thoughts, they should stop.

Look at who you're talking to -- My spirit guide

My spirit guide has said, "Look at who you're talking to", from the start and it's taken months to sink in. My guide will phase-out mid-sentence to test if I'm looking. You want to ignore anything without a benevolent spirit or heart space. When I look at someone or something that warrants my attention in the ethereal realm it has a 3D shape, everything else is flat or 2D. I call it cardboard. Cardboard can't harm you. I propose having the mindset that nothing can harm nor touch you in the ethereal realm if you don't want it to. Yes, you are powerful. "Look" with your heart space -- how does it make you feel?

Connect and Trust

When first starting out, you'll have to meditate to quiet your mind enough to sense the messages from your guides. Read my Meditation and Advanced Meditation articles. As you keep practicing, you'll find it easier such that you can do this while alert with your eyes open.

Start by meditating while imagining yourself in a void of nothingness or floating on water with nothing around. The water can represent the infinite consciousness that you're trying to connect with.

1. Direct communication will be in form of clair-abilities. You may have claircognizance (knowing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), clairvoyance (seeing) experiences. Your spirit guides will always hear what you think or say. Sometimes I just talk to my spirit guide and sometimes I see and hear an interactive movie. Recently my spirit guide brought up the comparison to telepathy. Your spirit guides are people, so it makes sense it could be telepathic communication. See the Journey section below for more on this.

2. Indirect communication would be in the form of dreams which should always be documented and researched if you want to learn more about yourself.


You should record as much of your dreams as possible, or at least three main symbols. Place a notebook or a notepad app by your bed so you can record anything you remember from dreams or visions. Trust me, you won't remember much when morning comes. I record a daily diary which includes anything interesting during the day and night and review it the next day.

Often, after documenting a dream, my spirit guide will ask me what I learned. Sometimes they're just for fun, other times they are automatic purging or showing you your current status.

I had one dream recently where I was walking upstairs from the basement. At the top of the stairs, I started to fall backward. I remember thinking, "I can fly," so I caught myself and started floating then flew up the stairs. I felt myself wakeup after this happened so I consider it a dream and not a vision. I know I'm all-powerful in visions and journeys, but to have this happen in a dream was a confirmation of my current status.

During meditation, I often see myself as mist or a light-body to break the idea that we're solid and restricted. You can then extend this idea to dreams and visions. If you don't want anything to touch you in the ethereal, it can't. That sounds like another article.

To help remember your dreams, just say out loud before going to bed:

  • "I remember my dreams."
  • "I control my dreams".
People have said, "When I see my hands in a dream, I'll take control". My dreams never have my hands showing in them -- LOL.

Journey on yourself

I set the intention to allow my spirit guides to show me something to help me with my path.

I do a meditation/journey daily, record it using the voice recorder app on my phone and later review and transcribe it as you'll never remember everything that was said. It usually lasts between 30-45 minutes before I fall asleep. Always set an intention for your journeys. Once I set the intention for a specific topic and forgot to include the "show me something to help me with my path" line and the following communication resulted after the specific topic was completed:

Guide: Jason, we still have time for one more topic.
Jason: I set the intention to allow my spirit guides to show me something to help me with my path.
Guide: Good, I thought you'd never ask.

I set the intention to learn about myself.

My first journey "with the bear" that later was revealed to be the spirit guide I communicate with now. I did my first journey to discover myself. I walked a path up a cliff by the ocean. Whales, dolphins, and other sea life came up to greet me. From the forest came a bear and other animals. The bear put it's arm around me and it brought a tear to my eye (see purging). I later laughed at the bear-hug reference. What I found out months later was intriguing, my human-form spirit guide changed into a bear in another journey and I felt (using my heart space, or inner knowing) it was the same bear as my first journey.

During your awakening you'll be unlearning or purging a lot of old programming to replace it with good things like seeing with your heart, feeling energy, etc.

Start your own Journey Using Your Imagination

If you're thinking, how did I "walk a path up a cliff by the ocean..."? It starts with using your imagination. During meditation, I started by imagining sitting under my meditation tree. It was a relaxing place without interference. Later I added a lake and a cottage -- without a front door, just an archway. Try to imagine the ethereal realm as a place you'd like to live without the restrictions of physical life. This is also how manifestation works.

Be open to strange things happening. Once, I saw a solitary flower behind my cottage that wasn't there before. I went over to pick it and stairs came up out the the ground so I went in to investigate. Always be curious. Interact, smell, feel what you're seeing to get to know it. If you're talking with someone, ask them how you got there -- yes, they'll look at you weird but they'll answer you.

To start a journey, I always imagine I'm in a void of nothingness and wait for an image. If you don't "see" anything after a minute or so, just start putting stuff down and walk. Always look around for things appearing and interact with them.

Ways to start a journey:

  1. Put down some grass in the void and start walking.

  2. Put down a #1 in the void and in the distance a #2, then walk to the #2. Keep this up until #5 or so.

  3. Imagine an animal in the void and talk to it. Maybe it'll bring you somewhere or start talking to you.
There are an infinite number of ways for spirit guides to reveal themselves or communicate messages. Practice using your imagination, be open for anything to happen and interact with everything.


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